Monday, September 14, 2009

Good morning all......

I's been a while....Things have been sorta outta whack lately...Big changes and small changes.... Hope is now in school...and enjoying it...not quite sure about the whole 'nap time' but loving the rest of the time. I wish I could be a fly on the wall to see how she is at school...I missed her when she was there, I really did! We are to be there safe place, Mama-never far away, their protector, their -help me with my BoBo's and now we half to set them the bus drive further and further away from us everyday! Yes..I'm being melodramatic, I know...
(as she laugh at the keyboards)
She came home the first day all happy but made a point to tell me she was sad at 'nap time' and missed me. Which made me feel so sad and in a way happy that she hadn't forgotten about me...IS that bad to feel like that?
Anyways....the next day seemed to be better. She also started dance classes...which she enjoyed greatly. She looked adorable in her pink bodysuit and too too....

My man was starting his new job today. I can't wait to talk to him when he gets back! I am so proud of him. He's a great fella, and he's all mine! Things should look up for us soon...Spending many years at a single workplace doesn't mean loyalty anymore. People need to remember they are simply a number. He spent many hours working overtime to help them out and nothing. I am glad he seems more at peace with his decision.

I also am no longer babysitting. Taking care of myself and unborn baby...
Sometimes you need to know when to call it quits and take care of yourself before anyone else. Putting ourselves first is usually not as easy as it sounds. Am I right? This pregnancy is not going as smoothly as the first. So, at this point and time, relax time is what is best for me!

Tootles for now....
Need to clean the a slow pace no
talk soon..

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Computers really that great?

Good Thursday to all....or is it....
If your in a happy mood...I'm just warning you...this may get you as frustrated as I... I apologize in advance....I am just in fowl mood!

Do you ever feel as though you can't seem to get ahead of the game. Like, life keeps slapping you in the face. When things start to look clear and positive, something seems to bring you back to reality. You know that saying 'good people finish last,'well I'm starting to believe it more and more. I understand that if you want something in life you need to work hard for it. You need to dig deep down and strive for that goal. I simply HATE people whom have nothing else but time on their hands to destroy or hurt other people. Whether it's hurting them emotionally or even their reputation....I'm sure you have all heard about different negativity's about 'FACEBOOK,' well I just got slapped with unexpected irrational dumbness, shall we say on it.
People really need to open their eyes and remember that what you say as your status can be read by all your friends and their friends!!!

If you have co-workers on your site be very careful of what you say....even if your simply saying a big thank-you to can have a different meaning apparently... Apparently saying thank-you can land you in deep doo-doo!!!
Are we as a society sharing to much of our lives on here....When is it okay to take what someone says and turn it upside down...Why are we so quick to judge others? And why the hell are we so quick to ruin someone else's reputation? Are we that angry at one another? It's kinda funny...when I first started out as a Facebook fanatic...I thought it was great...but I always remember what one of my cousins said..."why is it that we are so quick to find out about how others are doing and their were abouts? If they were so special in yr life to begin with why haven't you kept in touch with them all these years???? I questions myself that often these days...You find someone on their....get talking about life and the past and after a few days....don't talk to them much or at all.

I personally just like talking with my close friends and family now a pics and stories...but now a days theirs been so much drama about our information being exchanged with other sites it really worth all the trouble...

I personally would rather get letters and cards in the mail....but hav
e we become that busy of a society that those days are over? Is receiving cards in the mail a thing of the past? I think next week, I will make a conscious effort and send some letters or cards...
I know how it makes me feel to receive something in the mail as does my
daughter!! :)

Before I get angry at the keys on my keyboard....
Let me leave you on high note....
Pregnancy going well......
May find out if it's a boy or girl on Monday!!!
Come back to see the results... :)

Thanks for listening to me vent....

And a big Thank you for my new friends whom keep coming back!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happy tuesday....

Life as a pregnant mom is somewhat hectic at times. I've realized that your first pregnancy is so much more different then the second. For the first one, everything is new and exciting. Your not sure what to expect about anything, your nervous and your heart is beating a mile a minute...You believe you need to buy everything right away, even purchase things you don't really need. Your focused on every minute detail. You actually have time to be amazed with every aspect of being pregnant. You take the time to think of everything ahead.
For the second baby....EVERY THING is different. You've been through it before. Don't get me wrong.. your just as grateful and amazed but your toddler is keeping you on your toes. And for me it just seems as though I've been having one thing happen after another. First it's a terrible cold, then kidney stones and then blah blah blah....... Your more knowledgeable of what you really need to buy and what is useless. You don't seem to have the time to take better care of yourself as your busy running around with your head cut off. Hopester is off to school soon, her new bedroom still needs to be assembled and I am wishing and hoping to find out this week is it's a boy or girl....if a girl...I'm one step ahead of the game if a boy...I'm starting at scratch!!! lol

Whatever will be, will be...I will be grateful regardless of sexe.
This Sunday we took her to the Zoo....What a terrible day to have gone...It was too hot!! All the animals were either hiding in their cages or homes or just laying wondering why we chose this day of all days to come All the kids whom had gone with their parents were somewhat all complaining of the heat and of all things in the middle of the zoo, they have a small corner with play toys......Bad idea!!!! Most kids were more interested in playing there than seeing any of the animals.....Argggg Including mine!! She saw her favorite animal...the zebras...and could pretty much care less about the other animals...
All I can say is.....KIDS! You Gotta Luv um'

We are approaching the first day of school and I'm having jitters.....we are to be there..with them all day long...answer their every question, help them with every little bobo, kiss and hug their fears away...and keep them close and safely beside us. But now we must let them go...their first big adventure without Mama and Daddy! We must let them make their own little way in life (okay...just little school)
Yes I know I'm being a little dramatic! But I feel somewhat scared and reluctan
t to let her go... I know it's for the best...I know she will HAVE so much FUN....I'm just being a first time mom, letting her first born go....(just a teeny weeny bit) hahahahaha
And to all you mom's laughing at me because you've been there, done that....can you just give me my moment to freak out for a few minutes....

Talk soon....Hope all is well with you all....
Have a great week...

P.S... For all my fellow do you do it...

I haven't wanted to touch a single crochet or cross-stitch project since the beginning of summer...I just can't seem to sit there in this heat and stitch....
Hopefully I'll be able to get the new baby's blanket done on time..

Monday, August 10, 2009

Good Day all.....

Hope all is well. I just suffered the week from hell last week. In and out of urgent care...long hours... You would never believe what I had. Of all things...of all times....Kidney stones!!! Which are mineral deposits that form in the kidneys. In the beginning they are small particle's that eventually form into crystal formations that in turn develop into stones... AHHHHHHHHHHH
Not soooo much fun!!!

I was in pain...wanted anyone around me to rub my back, was tired all the time because I couldn't sleep. I was told to drink and drink and drink...but HELLOOOOOO!!!
I was in pain and beginning to dehydrate quickly! By the end of the week...I was hardly eating and drinking less. ...I wasn't sure when the pain was going to subside.
I wouldn't wish this kind of pain on my worst enemy. Or would I??? Mooohahahahaha

By the end of the week I was back in the hospital..Needed to get some liquids in me as quick as possible...Felt better afterwards..but was scared to return home for more pain and discomfort!! On that Sunday...I awoke and wanted to dance a little jig....felt more pain...
I guess I passed the kidney stone!!!

Feeling better's been a week...but still thinking when I get a little pain on my right side that it may be back...Need to remind myself that I am still pregnant and stretching! :)
Poor Hope she was wondering what was going on...and kept telling me she hoped that I got better the next day..Still keeps saying Hi to my belly every morning...
She is my beauty!!

You gotta read this article....Just when u think you saw
it all!!
Gene Simmons

Anyways hoot....
Hope everyone has a great week....
Talk soon...
Perhaps this month I'll find out if it's a boy or girl! :)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

As I was spending time with my daughter I decided to ask her a few questions and see how she would respond..... Kids are very honest and way too funny at times!!

1. What does Mama like? Mama likes banana, cashew(new baby) and Daddy and I will fall in love with the new baby, you love me and Meme and Pepe.

2.What does Mama always say to you?
I love you around the moon and back again, I carry your heart with me, I carry it my heart!

3.How does Mama make you laugh?
You make funny faces(as she is putting her fingers in her mouth and making noise) I tickle her.

4.How old is Mama?
Mama is 17 she said. hahahahaha
( At 17, I was definitely not thinking about having kids!!

5.What is Mama's favorite food?
Carrots, banana, Corn pops-yuck!, Yogurt, Apples.

6. What is Mama good at?
Making crafts..(Good One Hope) playing with her, tickling her, making popcorn for her, making pin-wheels and making little things, that's it, she says!

7. What does Mama not like?
I don't like crying, I don't like it when Hope's mad.

8. What does Mama do for a job?
Making things, a Rescue Hero! ( kewl, Hopey) haha

9. Who does Mama love the most? Daddy and Me.

10. What do you want to do the most with Mama?
Do my numbers and alphabet! lol

11. Mama's favorite color? Purple, without a blink she replied.

12. Mama's favorite flower? Purple flower... lol

Remember, she's only three 1/2 yrs old..... lol
This was funny..
If you have time, interview your kids....

Good Saturday mornin'

Hope everyone is enjoying this fine morning..
The rain is actually soothing to my ears this morning...Not at all feelin' blue. Life is good. I had my first ultra-sound this week and again it was incredible. Not until you see this little person inside you that you really start to believe that you really are pregnant! Allen's smile was ear to ear and I shed a few tears. The baby was moving and it's feet as well. He/She even gave us a wave... lol
When I told Hope about having a picture of the baby to show her when we came back...she asked if they would put the light on! hahahaha Kids say the darndest things!
When she did finally look at the picture she was absolutely puzzled... lol
It was too cute!

I would show you all the baby blanket I've begun to crochet but sadly enough I dropped my camera a few to many times and now the lens is completely done for. You'll half to wait a bit. I decided to go somewhat unconventional and I'm using dark purple and white...if I find out it's a girl I will add pink for the border. I didn't like the soft colors they had. They're wasn't much too choose from at Micheal's I found! :( So I chose my favorite colors. It is after all, my choice! lol I am after all, an offbeat...meaning I like what I like and don't care about what the averages thinks.( to a certain degree) My clothing style has always been about what I like and the hell with what fashion dictates!!

I must admit that this pregnancy is a bit different, I feel even more tired and some days have no get up and go!! And I'm still feeling nauseous at times. I made fish a few days ago and WOW...I couldn't even stand the smell...And it was only battered fish, but very greasy! YUCK! I'm also never sure what to eat! Perhaps this is a sign that I am having a boy... This would make Allen very happy! Myself, I'm hoping for another girl! :)

Not sure if I mentioned it before but I'm 13 weeks pregnant! :) And very happy. I've already started writing him/her letters as I did for Hope...
My kids will be the most documented ever!!

I am truly blessed!!

Can u guess what my next daughters name might be??? ( if a girl that is) There's a clue on this

I never knew I was going to look pregnant quicker!! AHHH I need maternity clothes as of yesterday...WOW
My daughter keeps talking to the new baby...wanting to say good morning/night to him/her!!! She very anxious, as we all are!!

We are now finishing her new room...hoping to get her settled in before school starts in September and before the new baby arrives. Didn't want to wait til then and make her feel like I'm kicking her out of her room! She's seems really excited, we'll see. I'm trying to make it as cute & fun to be in, as can be! She keeps asking if she's getting a television in her room! lol I don't think so. At her age 3 1/2...I didn't have one at that age...
Kids want everything so soon....TOO SOON!!

Must kick myself in gear and finish laundry, for once and for all!!
Summer....where's summer..if anyone finds it, let me know...
Before you know will be the dreaded winter season!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend....
I will try to get my blanket on here...
Here's the pattern I'm using..
Baby Blanket

I thought it looked simple and something I could do while sitting down at night, and not fighting with the pattern in front of the computer!!
For Hope's blanket I found a blanket I really liked may take me until she's graduating high school to finish it!!! lol
But I made a promise!
The things we do for our

Ta ta 4 now!!
Ta TA 4 now

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Good mornin' to all....

Haven't been up to speed with writing my blogs lately....I apologize.. Life has taken up all my time lately...I have been babysitting and I'm pregnant..need I say
Anyways...I do have a few things to say today, so grab a cup and coffee and relax.

I have begun to crochet again after a few months rest....It has been gloomy and rainy, so I've been in a somewhat crafty mood. I've been making everything from baby booties to Christmas wreaths...yes I said's coming back again...soon I will be watching Hope ge
t on the Bus for school! Yikes.. Next will be her 4th Birthday, then winter holidays...then...we will be welcoming our new bundle of joy...My pregnancy has been going well. Not much heartburn as the last time around, and I have much more energy, that is for now! :)
I'm now in the stages of Oh My God...I need to buy so much stuff for the baby.. I can't wait to find out if it's a girl or boy...yes I know it's still too early but anxious to find out so I can buy the appropriate stuff...

This week I watched the Micheal Jackson memorial. And I cried like a baby. Upon hearing of his passing, I responded to my husband such as : Oh...Wacko Jacko is dead? We have heard so much controversy surrounding him the last years that I wasn't as much of a fan as I once was, I must admit. The media certainly plays a big part in how we see these great entertainers, which is terrible. They can make a spin on anything, we all know that. But I was sadden by his passing, he's a human being, with family and friends. He was a brother and son before ever being a pop star. I feel sad that he died at such a young age. We all have our faults, and we will never really know the truth of everything we heard in the news about him. Sadly enough perhaps now, he can find inner peace and rest within himself.
After listening, to what Brook Shields said about him, it was quite evident that, to us he was an entirely different man as to who he was his friends and family. In any case, I feel sorry for his kids. It took lots of courage for his daughter to stand up and say how she felt about her Daddy!
Rest in Peace MJ.

As for the Montreal Canadiens......I was enjoying my first cup of coffee this morning, when I heard the news of Saku Koivu leaving the Habs....
Have they gone Freaken MAD!!! I've been anxious for the start of the new season and now I'm freaken MAD!! Picturing the habs without Koivu just isn't right...Why didn't they sign him back!
And to going to the Ducks, double yikes.... He's been with us through thin and thick, 14 years in total.... I will miss him! And the Habs may be doomed even before they have even begun the new season, in my opinion!! I never could understand any of their sudden changes.
Not long ago, we got rid of Guy carbonneau, and now the Captain? What next!!!!!

The kids are watching the Bee Movie as we speak beside me....What a cute and funny movie. I really think it's one of the best kids movie I've watched in a while Hope can actually watch it from starting to end, it's the perfect afternoon or morning watch, it's keeping them amused. The colors and animations are incredible. The bee movie may make you think twice before swatting one... hahaha

Hope everyone is having a great morning, the sun is shinning, and their appears to be no clouds in sight...No rain today? Really, I said to myself... Yahoooo Better enjoy it before it comes back with a vengance... lol
Talk soon...

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Good afternoon all...........

Today I feel like crap to be honest with you....Being pregnant has been wonderful....Not feeling as nauseous and feeling actually okay these days....except for this darn cold I got...and can't seem to make it go away...I've been steaming myself but still not feeling well..... I babysat all week and perhaps that wasn't' the best thing for me. Sadly enough kids don't understand what it means when you tell them YOUR sick and need some quiet time... AHHHH And it seems as though your partner is never around to help you when YOUR sick as opposed to when their sick and they act like their life is coming to an end.... lol
As mom's I guess we half to suck it up and go on. Take it like a MAN....I mean like a WOmen!! lol
House work needs to be done but I'm procrastinating today...I did get the vacuuming done but that's about it...Weather doesn't's been raining on and off all day and strong winds...

It's pretty much a lazy day all around!

Hope all is well with you...wherever you are!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Purple Haze..

Feeling in a kinda weird mood tonite. Having all these weird thoughts floating about in my head. Something I have too often. Too many scattered emotions running wild through me. Have you ever felt as though your caught in a state of, shall we say pause with your life. I am absolutely grateful for my wonderful parents and family. And I am especially in love with my life long partner and my beautiful bright intelligent daughter and soon to be baby....I feel fulfilled in that sense. I wouldn't change it in any way. I feel blessed as I have mentioned many a times to have met a man like Allen. He is warm-hearted, gentle and just enough kooky for me!!

What kind of has me in a strange mood is.....this feeling as though at times I look around me and I just want to scream because it seems as though others around me are moving ahead, forward and I am still trying to find my groove, my way in life. What will I leave behind. What will my kids be proud of me for. Did I do enough in life to warrant a pass. Don't get me wrong I enjoy going on Facebook and reading what my friends are up too now but a small part of me wonders if I have really made a difference, if I am living enough or just letting to many opportunities slip away, slip through my fingers....Ever have those days..where you question some of the decisions you've made in the past? And wonder why it has led you to this moment in time??

I told you I was feeling kinda wacky...Anyways....not sure if it's the hormones or just me being silly. I think we all have those days where we questions everything and everything we've done with all lives...Or perhaps it's just because I've been stuck in the house babysitting kids and not really going out that much...All I know is that, I am extremely happy to be pregnant again! What a great joy it brings...And I am happy because I found this new baby's song...I used to sing Hope a song every day while I was pregnant..wasn't quite sure what to pick this time until it just dropped in my lap....So now I'm set for that...I'm still having to buy the yarn to make a baby blanket but I have finally chosen a pattern so everything good with that front! I'll show my progress from time to time....

For now...before I bore you with my wackiness.....
Enjoy your Sunday....
Talk soon...

Monday, June 22, 2009

Hello again.....

It's certainly been a while....Before I go any further, Happy Summer!! My daughter has been asking me for days when the first day of summer was. I was excited to tell her it was yesterday!!
I've started babysitting these two cute kids....One is around Hope's age and the other keeps me on my toes, he's 10 months old.... Yikes!!!! But after a week, we've adjusted to each other. As opposed to the first two days, where I thought I was going to pull all my hair out!
All he did was cry and their was not much to stop him ( he's also teething) so after giving a little orajel he was fine for a bit.... But today (2nd week) was great... And as far as the girls, their girls, they play nice until one wants to change the rules of the games or quit playing...they laugh loud and at times bickers

All in all, everything is A okay! Father's day was good, we brought Daddy out for brunch. Pepe and Meme were with us as well as Uncle Dan and Lynn. Hope made some crafts for Daddy and was excited to give them to him. We also bought Daddy the book he wanted by Micheal J. Fox. Daddy was just happy spending time with us. Today he's hard at work again!

We went to Hope's school for a visit.. It's such a great school with great teachers. They were all very friendly and warm. She was excited to be there. She was able to paint an apple with her name on it. Which they will display next year and they took a picture of her for her locker. She was treated like royalty. lol They also gave her a drinking box and some animal cookies. They showed us around and it was really kewl to see those little chairs and small tables. And the drinking fountains are so tiny.... hahaha We received some info on what to buy her for her first year and she also received a new book: 'Does God tie h
is shoes.' and a new pencil... All in all, I think we're all excited for her to start school...She will have no problem adjusting in...

I may run after the bus, as it leaves me....and gets further and further..but....
I will be a few days..perhaps....

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer and hot days...
I myself am feeling like I'm in a constant sauna but....tis' okay.

Everything good with prego! lol

The crochet stuff and cross-stitch is at a stand-still 4 now...
But Hope's cross-stitch is almost done I'll post it soon..

Talk soon...

Friday, June 12, 2009

Gotta love being a Mom...

Summer is now just around the corner and I am feeling less and less like blogging and more and more like spending all my time outside. But then again on rainy days, this is great to do... I do enjoy coming to my blog and reading my comments, always brings me a smile upon my face. Yesterday was my first appointment to the Doctors, and everything looks great, my supposed due date is January 26....mind you I'm having a C-section. But I am happy and feeling relieved that I'm feeling okay this time around. Except for the massive heartburn some days which is probably due to the I'm drinking...
Must stay away from lemonade...haha
As refreshing as it looks, it's not good for me right now... lol

Now I'm scheduled for a few ultra-sounds...You remember those MOM's...
Fill those bladders up with water and try holding it in and entire car ride....ahhhhhhhhhh
Then u arrive at the hospital and they inform you that you half to wait...
So their you are gathered with other women trying not to move/crossing those legs/ starring at the washroom...wishing you could just empty yourself/wondering why you got pregnant again just to endure these things

I've actually got past that point, laid down for my ultra-sound and then they told me I was too full and that I could go empty myself...
AHHHHH- make up your mind!!!!!
What a ride!!
But i don't think any of us would trade it for the world, right Mama's

It's been so lovely outside lately, the sun is shinning, my daughter is enjoying playing with her new found friend and Allen and I couldn't be happier...except for minuscule little things.... You know, like when you by your new house and things need to be done around the house... And as we all know ladies....we like things to be done LIKE YESTERDAY!!! It seems as though their are never enough hours in a day to do get things done. On top of which, with the new baby coming I want things done quickly enough....And painting is out of my reach now...which is something I was looking forward to Hope's new room...Now it is left to Daddy...when he has the time...AHHHH I'm a women who likes to do things herself. But.....I might half to relax on that for a bit and let things happens when they happen!

Getting back to gardening, I am already hating my garden bed...I am not sure what is what still...I'm frustrated with not knowing if these things that are growing are simply weeds or just foliage...I've called in some help from Hope's Great Aunt...Need help.. I keep looking at it daily getting discouraged... Hopefully she can turn my flower bed into what I think it has potential to look like.. Did I mention I am obsessed with solar lights.. haha They have so many cute ones too choose from. Perhaps I should just forget about flowers and simply make a garden of solar lights... Nothing to hard to maintain except for changing the batteries once in a while.. Yes I am feeling a little fruity today.

Well I'm parents are coming over with my daughter...She had another sleepover last night...She loves spending time with her Pepe and Meme. She knows them the most! I wish she was as close with her other grandparents but we can't always get what we wish for. Perhaps with time. Me and Allen had the house to ourselves and we still didn't do too much. We were so tired.
But it was nice spending some time alone...I did however miss Hopey lots.

We were however able to sleep in a bit longer...Which was great...
Except for me going to the bathroom a few times in the morning...
and the dog wanting the same... lol

talk soon....Have a great weekend...
Smile...summer's just around the corner...

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Good Morning Friends....

Hope all is well..... It seems as though if I'm not wishing for more sleep...I'm waking up in the morning with Allen before he goes to work and I'm suddenly awake...Was awake at 5:45 this morning and I couldn't fall back asleep... AHHH Was also not quite sure what to do with myself to be honest...DO I cross-stitch? Well, my eyes are still somewhat shut...DO I crochet? Well, I haven't been in a mood too lately. I think I've reached the....Oh! my God I need to make a baby blanket, finish Hope's blanket, cross-stitch a picture for the new baby...I'm simply feeling overwhelmed within my crafts... lol

This early-morning, I am however enjoying the peace
and quiet....I am probably going to hear my favorite sound in the morning, that of pitter-patter from my lovely daughter. She is all excited and ready for today, her Pepe is bringing her to the fair. She loves the strawberry-go ride. And she keeps asking if she can go on the Ferris wheel..Not sure 'bout that one!! But we'll see when we get there I said.
For the last few nights, Allen's been complaining about constant heartburn he's been having. I've been kinda laughing at him until two nites ago when I got it...and it hasn't left. I guess I shouldn't have laughed at him because it came around and bit me in the @ss..

I keep forgetting to posts my postings..... It comes with being pregnant.... ya that's right!.... you got a problem with that!!! hahahaha

Saturday turned out to be really great. We did take Hope to the fair. And she had a blast. She loves the strawberry go-round, the bees ride, the trucks and the swings that go up and down.

We bought her a bracelet for the day and she rode the rides many a times. We were waiting in line for one and this little girl comes up to her and asks if she could join us. It was sooo cute. Hopes face just lite up. From that moment on, the two sisters and Hope were going on all the rides together and holding hands. Kids are so cute at that age, so innocent and friendly. lol
As we were riding the carousel, which was next to the Ferris wheel she told me she liked the carousel just fine and didn't express the want to go on that ride! lol She had a blast. It's such a great joy looking at your kids experience such simple pleasures in life. She was so happy to have found some new friends. Sadly enough, she doesn't understand why she never seems them again. I think it really bothers her. I'm not afraid to say, my daughters got a heart of gold. She's a kindhearted girl.
She also fell asleep pretty quickly that did Mama.
Today, we pretty much puttered around the house.
Mama is still tired but not so queasy today....thank God!!

Enough for me tonite.....Hope all of you had a great weekend...
Hope your all staying out of trouble....
Take care...
Enjoy the great weathe

p.s I don't care how old you are......cotton candy will always taste great!!

tata 4 now...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tired all the time....

Oh my God.....
I don't remember being this tired the first time around. Can someone wake me up after the first trimester!! I wake up, get Hope some breakfast, watch a few cartoons and I'm already wishing for my first nap of the day. Wishful thinking. lol
For those who have kids, who no longer enjoy naps, enjoying some rest time for ourselves is nearly impossible. And it seems as though the 'Y's (1001 questions of the day) from our kids are every 5 seconds...AHHHHHHH

My daughter's been extremely mushy
these last few days, not sure if it's because we told her she's gonna be a big sister or simply because she's in a loving mood! She's been rubbing my belly and saying how big it's getting ( I'm only a month into it) hahahaha She's also been singing it songs and talking to my belly already! She is so funny! Very sensitive and kind-hearted girl. She makes me proud on a daily basis. Today she told me that she was very happy that I let her come out of my belly. I had to giggle and told her she was very welcome and that I wouldn't have it any other way!!!

I'm extremely happy these seems to bring you surprises when you most need them . (hope that kinda made sense!) I feel very blessed to be able to bring another life into this world.
This will be my shortest posts.....Too tired lol
Will be
back 2morrow....
talk again soon...

P.s Hope to hear from other expectant mothers....
If they haven't fallen asleep at their

(like my new signature = pregant)

Ta ta for now!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Good Morning Monday....

Hope everyone had a good weekend....I surely did.
As you may or may not know..I did mention in a few posts back that I had I secret...Well...
I'm Pregnant!

This will be me in a few months...Yahooo
I'm about 5 weeks now...still waiting for my doctors appointment. But feeling all the usual symptoms from: night time nausea, fatigue and not the usual fatigue of every day duties and work but the kind of fatigue that you can't seem to have any get up and go what so ever. I'm experiencing those crazy pregnancy headaches and let's not forget soar breasts. Ladies my breasts could cut like a knife right about now...And if any one dares touch them watch out.
I will unleash the beast on

I wanted a different way of telling our parents that we were expecting. So Hope and I made a T-shirt. She was so happy. She wrote her name all by herself.

You can't really see it well....But it says Big Sister to BEE ( picture of a bee) We picked her favorite color and went from there. It makes her feel involved and makes me proud that she's taking such an interest. When Daddy and I told her she was going to be a Big Sister She was kind of upset because she said SHE wanted to have a baby! lol
How adorable is that!
So every day she asks me if I'm still pregnant. And She wants to know when he/she is coming. I told her after Christmas.

We went for a Sunday drive together and ended up doing some shopping. At the cash she asked me if she could tell the teller we were having a baby. I smiled and said it would be alright. She was so proud to tell her. Hope found a rattle for the new baby and wanted to buy it, so we gave in.....I want her to feel fully involved in this special time. I think it's important.

So as you can see this weekend was great...And I'm feeling great....This is the best news... We couldn't be any happier.

Life seems to bless you with all these great blessings at different times in our lives.
I am blessed that it happened so quickly..We've only been trying since February, I believe.
I am also lucky because my fiance loves my pregnant glow.
We also did the: 'let's take two pregnancy tests to make sure.' lol
After a few seconds of waiting we jumped up and down and of coarse I started to cry!

Let the countdown begin.....
Thanxs again for stopping by.....
Talk to you soon!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy friday...

Hope your having better weather then we are! I'm in a good mood today... Having hot flashes as we speak...but everything good!
I just finished dancing with Hope in her room. I love having those special moments with her, I cherish every minute. Just her and I grooving to kids dance music. We may look goofy but we always have a blast.
We try to dance almost everyday!This is a great way of making a connection with your kids.
It gives her a chance to express herself. Hope has been subjected to music
as early as in she was in the womb. I used to sing to her everyday and now when I sing her this particular she swears she's heard it before and she knows many of the words. Music is a big part of our lives.

Rainy days can be somewhat frustrating at times when you have kids. What to do with them all day long in the house. How to pass the time. Hope and I enjoy making crafts, baking and mostly cuddling up together on the couch, under a soft blanket and watching a great kids movie...and munchin' on a great big bowl of popcorn.
Today's features was Stuart Little 2...
A simple little heart-warming movie about a little mouse named Stuart who falls for a flighty little bird named Margalo. Stuart ends up finding out that Margalo has ulterior motives and and that she's being bullied by the falcon. In the end they end up helping each other.
I asked Hope what her favorite part of the movie was and she replied: 'Stuart help
ing the little bird.'
What a
sweeeet girl I have!
The funny part about it is that she missed some of the movie because she kept asking me questions throughout. She's just like her M
eme....talks and talks through the movie! lol

Yesterday, Even Almighty was on the satellite dish with Steve Carell, a comedy about biblical proportions. She likes watching it because of all the animals. We got to the end of the movie when the main character 'Evan Baxter' was urging all the town folk to climb aboard the boat because the flood was coming. As soon as the water came and the boat was smashing into houses she immediately asked me if it was going to ever happen here. Because she said we have a river close by ( remember she's only 3 1/2) I was shocked by her questions. But I immediately put her mind at ease. She's so smart and clever, I tell ya. Always thinking!!! Always on her toes!! She kept asking me: Where is the boat going? Why are all the animals in it? Why is there so much water? and so on.....
Kids really say the darndest things!

I've chosen my next blanket to make...After much consideration...
I've finally made up my mind. I want a simple one to make so I can actually say I made one from start to finish in a matter of weeks. Hope's blanket is taking me forever! lol
But I'm enjoying every minute of it. I just thought I wanted one done before 9 months.

I liked this one. It looks easy enough. I may make it bigger though. I had found another but not sure how complicated it would be or if would be another blanket which would take me forever.

This is the looks so nice....
Decisions, decisions...
I may change my mind....not sure!

Come back to see which I've chosen....
I hope all is well with you all....

Have a great weekend....
You can bet I'll be eating my soda crackers...

Smile someone somewhere loves ya!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy Wednesdays....

Good Morning to all.....
As I was searching for a nice flower to brighten up my post today, I stumble upon this funny looking flower. It's called a Mexican Hat, and it's a Native Perennial wildflower.
My first thought was: WOW....that's some funny looking flower, as I giggled a bit.
Then...well....I won't tell you what it reminded me of....

I am in a good mood today...Despite the dreary weather today. Things are great here. I have a secret to tell but will keep you guys in suspense for a few days longer. Before I begin with this weeks Vents...Have you guys watched the season finally for Criminal minds...That is one me and Allen's favorite shows..The whole show was suspenseful, but the last few seconds was unreal. I can't believe they would kill off Aaron Hotchner off the show...And now we half to wait for a few months to know what happens...Ahhhh
Then, Ugly Betty was a two hour long season finale. Poor Betty, always ge
tting herself in these messes. I almost cried when I saw Daniel's wife getting wheeled out of their apartment. Very sad!

As promised, my Pet peeves...

How much is too much? Some people rely way to much on their parents for their e
very need. It's okay to ask for help but their is a fine line between a helping hand and simply expecting them to drop everything for you and help you out on a daily basis. At a certain point in your life, you need to be able to stand on your own two feet and take control of your life and struggles. As parents get older, it's not their job to raise their kids, kids. As they grow older and enter another phase of their lives, they should feel free to explore new venues, new challenges, new joys. This should be a time where they get back to spending more time with their partners, with whom they fell in love with way back when.
We've perhaps all had help from our parents and perhaps continue to do so, and I hope I can help my kids in return but isn't their a limit too how much help we should ask for. When you notice your parents over tired and in a somewhat zombie looking state should you not stop asking for help and find an alternative solution?
Some people simply take advantage of their parents.

If you can do something for yourself why get another to do it for you!

Here are silly things that annoy me:
(but that I let roll off my back)
Nothing to get really angry at.
  • Putting the dirty dishes in the sink without rinsing them. And then not putting then in the dish washer which is beside the sink...Anymore closer if would bite them in the @ss. After Waking up in the morning and seeing your sink which was cleaned the night before, filled with dirty unopened and unrinsed Tupperware from his lunch.
  • Restaurants: Besides the obvious irritations of dirty plates/silverware/glasses and inattentive staff. I hate being in a restaurant where the music is too loud and I can't even hear myself swallow my food.
  • I dislike when the waitress/waiter takes your order, brings you drinks and they never ask you again for a refill on your beverages. I know their busy and at times understaffed But it seems to happens way too much.
  • I dislike when they make a point to ask you if you want your salad before your meal and it comes a few seconds before they bring you your order. Then you have no room for your salad so you simply give back your salad.

I'm beginning to dislike my Wednesdays Vents...I feel as though some days I'm grasping at straws to find Pet Peeves.... such as
I think I'm gonna change it up a bit....

Some Wednesdays I will write what I truly feel blessed about....
I'll have an easier time to write about that!

I hope everyone is happy this week.
As I am...Life couldn't be better.
Talk to u soon...
Remember... to take time and kiss your with your kids...enjoy every moment..
It goes by too quickly!

P.S As for the secret....You'll need to come back soon!!
Ta ta 4 Now

P.s.s I found another blanket I want to make...
I'll show u soon!