Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tired all the time....

Oh my God.....
I don't remember being this tired the first time around. Can someone wake me up after the first trimester!! I wake up, get Hope some breakfast, watch a few cartoons and I'm already wishing for my first nap of the day. Wishful thinking. lol
For those who have kids, who no longer enjoy naps, enjoying some rest time for ourselves is nearly impossible. And it seems as though the 'Y's (1001 questions of the day) from our kids are every 5 seconds...AHHHHHHH

My daughter's been extremely mushy
these last few days, not sure if it's because we told her she's gonna be a big sister or simply because she's in a loving mood! She's been rubbing my belly and saying how big it's getting ( I'm only a month into it) hahahaha She's also been singing it songs and talking to my belly already! She is so funny! Very sensitive and kind-hearted girl. She makes me proud on a daily basis. Today she told me that she was very happy that I let her come out of my belly. I had to giggle and told her she was very welcome and that I wouldn't have it any other way!!!

I'm extremely happy these days....life seems to bring you surprises when you most need them . (hope that kinda made sense!) I feel very blessed to be able to bring another life into this world.
This will be my shortest posts.....Too tired lol
Will be
back 2morrow....
talk again soon...

P.s Hope to hear from other expectant mothers....
If they haven't fallen asleep at their computers...lol

(like my new signature = pregant)

Ta ta for now!


  1. Congrats on the pregnancy. When I was pregnant, I would just crash. No matter where I was, I was always napping:)
    Take care and get some rest

  2. i'll go for a nap! we spent the morning at the community pool and i am WORE OUT!

    thanks for coming by today :)

  3. Hi Nat
    Thanks for visiting my other blog A boy with Aspergers and leaving a comment.
    I know just how you fill. I'm also sooooooo tired a lot of the time. However I;m now almost 15 weeks gone so I'm felling a little better. Just get pently of rest. I found it very hard having like yourself other children to look after. In the end I had no chioce In the matter and would crash out no matter what. Our bodys are do an amazing thing creating a life :) I'm proud of myself lol. My little girl is very much like your own she's called Alice and she is six yrs old. From the time she discovered I was pregnant she was bump hugging, bump chatting and telling all her classmates. A matter of fate Alice would tell just about anybody we meet lol. If you want to visit my blog Girls just wanna have fun ( My google blog ) I know your a follower :) You can take a peek a my recent scan picture. Can't wait to hear and read more in the coming months about your pregnancy.
    Good luck, all the best
    Claire Louise.xx