Saturday, July 18, 2009

As I was spending time with my daughter I decided to ask her a few questions and see how she would respond..... Kids are very honest and way too funny at times!!

1. What does Mama like? Mama likes banana, cashew(new baby) and Daddy and I will fall in love with the new baby, you love me and Meme and Pepe.

2.What does Mama always say to you?
I love you around the moon and back again, I carry your heart with me, I carry it my heart!

3.How does Mama make you laugh?
You make funny faces(as she is putting her fingers in her mouth and making noise) I tickle her.

4.How old is Mama?
Mama is 17 she said. hahahahaha
( At 17, I was definitely not thinking about having kids!!

5.What is Mama's favorite food?
Carrots, banana, Corn pops-yuck!, Yogurt, Apples.

6. What is Mama good at?
Making crafts..(Good One Hope) playing with her, tickling her, making popcorn for her, making pin-wheels and making little things, that's it, she says!

7. What does Mama not like?
I don't like crying, I don't like it when Hope's mad.

8. What does Mama do for a job?
Making things, a Rescue Hero! ( kewl, Hopey) haha

9. Who does Mama love the most? Daddy and Me.

10. What do you want to do the most with Mama?
Do my numbers and alphabet! lol

11. Mama's favorite color? Purple, without a blink she replied.

12. Mama's favorite flower? Purple flower... lol

Remember, she's only three 1/2 yrs old..... lol
This was funny..
If you have time, interview your kids....

Good Saturday mornin'

Hope everyone is enjoying this fine morning..
The rain is actually soothing to my ears this morning...Not at all feelin' blue. Life is good. I had my first ultra-sound this week and again it was incredible. Not until you see this little person inside you that you really start to believe that you really are pregnant! Allen's smile was ear to ear and I shed a few tears. The baby was moving and it's feet as well. He/She even gave us a wave... lol
When I told Hope about having a picture of the baby to show her when we came back...she asked if they would put the light on! hahahaha Kids say the darndest things!
When she did finally look at the picture she was absolutely puzzled... lol
It was too cute!

I would show you all the baby blanket I've begun to crochet but sadly enough I dropped my camera a few to many times and now the lens is completely done for. You'll half to wait a bit. I decided to go somewhat unconventional and I'm using dark purple and white...if I find out it's a girl I will add pink for the border. I didn't like the soft colors they had. They're wasn't much too choose from at Micheal's I found! :( So I chose my favorite colors. It is after all, my choice! lol I am after all, an offbeat...meaning I like what I like and don't care about what the averages thinks.( to a certain degree) My clothing style has always been about what I like and the hell with what fashion dictates!!

I must admit that this pregnancy is a bit different, I feel even more tired and some days have no get up and go!! And I'm still feeling nauseous at times. I made fish a few days ago and WOW...I couldn't even stand the smell...And it was only battered fish, but very greasy! YUCK! I'm also never sure what to eat! Perhaps this is a sign that I am having a boy... This would make Allen very happy! Myself, I'm hoping for another girl! :)

Not sure if I mentioned it before but I'm 13 weeks pregnant! :) And very happy. I've already started writing him/her letters as I did for Hope...
My kids will be the most documented ever!!

I am truly blessed!!

Can u guess what my next daughters name might be??? ( if a girl that is) There's a clue on this

I never knew I was going to look pregnant quicker!! AHHH I need maternity clothes as of yesterday...WOW
My daughter keeps talking to the new baby...wanting to say good morning/night to him/her!!! She very anxious, as we all are!!

We are now finishing her new room...hoping to get her settled in before school starts in September and before the new baby arrives. Didn't want to wait til then and make her feel like I'm kicking her out of her room! She's seems really excited, we'll see. I'm trying to make it as cute & fun to be in, as can be! She keeps asking if she's getting a television in her room! lol I don't think so. At her age 3 1/2...I didn't have one at that age...
Kids want everything so soon....TOO SOON!!

Must kick myself in gear and finish laundry, for once and for all!!
Summer....where's summer..if anyone finds it, let me know...
Before you know will be the dreaded winter season!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend....
I will try to get my blanket on here...
Here's the pattern I'm using..
Baby Blanket

I thought it looked simple and something I could do while sitting down at night, and not fighting with the pattern in front of the computer!!
For Hope's blanket I found a blanket I really liked may take me until she's graduating high school to finish it!!! lol
But I made a promise!
The things we do for our

Ta ta 4 now!!
Ta TA 4 now

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Good mornin' to all....

Haven't been up to speed with writing my blogs lately....I apologize.. Life has taken up all my time lately...I have been babysitting and I'm pregnant..need I say
Anyways...I do have a few things to say today, so grab a cup and coffee and relax.

I have begun to crochet again after a few months rest....It has been gloomy and rainy, so I've been in a somewhat crafty mood. I've been making everything from baby booties to Christmas wreaths...yes I said's coming back again...soon I will be watching Hope ge
t on the Bus for school! Yikes.. Next will be her 4th Birthday, then winter holidays...then...we will be welcoming our new bundle of joy...My pregnancy has been going well. Not much heartburn as the last time around, and I have much more energy, that is for now! :)
I'm now in the stages of Oh My God...I need to buy so much stuff for the baby.. I can't wait to find out if it's a girl or boy...yes I know it's still too early but anxious to find out so I can buy the appropriate stuff...

This week I watched the Micheal Jackson memorial. And I cried like a baby. Upon hearing of his passing, I responded to my husband such as : Oh...Wacko Jacko is dead? We have heard so much controversy surrounding him the last years that I wasn't as much of a fan as I once was, I must admit. The media certainly plays a big part in how we see these great entertainers, which is terrible. They can make a spin on anything, we all know that. But I was sadden by his passing, he's a human being, with family and friends. He was a brother and son before ever being a pop star. I feel sad that he died at such a young age. We all have our faults, and we will never really know the truth of everything we heard in the news about him. Sadly enough perhaps now, he can find inner peace and rest within himself.
After listening, to what Brook Shields said about him, it was quite evident that, to us he was an entirely different man as to who he was his friends and family. In any case, I feel sorry for his kids. It took lots of courage for his daughter to stand up and say how she felt about her Daddy!
Rest in Peace MJ.

As for the Montreal Canadiens......I was enjoying my first cup of coffee this morning, when I heard the news of Saku Koivu leaving the Habs....
Have they gone Freaken MAD!!! I've been anxious for the start of the new season and now I'm freaken MAD!! Picturing the habs without Koivu just isn't right...Why didn't they sign him back!
And to going to the Ducks, double yikes.... He's been with us through thin and thick, 14 years in total.... I will miss him! And the Habs may be doomed even before they have even begun the new season, in my opinion!! I never could understand any of their sudden changes.
Not long ago, we got rid of Guy carbonneau, and now the Captain? What next!!!!!

The kids are watching the Bee Movie as we speak beside me....What a cute and funny movie. I really think it's one of the best kids movie I've watched in a while Hope can actually watch it from starting to end, it's the perfect afternoon or morning watch, it's keeping them amused. The colors and animations are incredible. The bee movie may make you think twice before swatting one... hahaha

Hope everyone is having a great morning, the sun is shinning, and their appears to be no clouds in sight...No rain today? Really, I said to myself... Yahoooo Better enjoy it before it comes back with a vengance... lol
Talk soon...

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Good afternoon all...........

Today I feel like crap to be honest with you....Being pregnant has been wonderful....Not feeling as nauseous and feeling actually okay these days....except for this darn cold I got...and can't seem to make it go away...I've been steaming myself but still not feeling well..... I babysat all week and perhaps that wasn't' the best thing for me. Sadly enough kids don't understand what it means when you tell them YOUR sick and need some quiet time... AHHHH And it seems as though your partner is never around to help you when YOUR sick as opposed to when their sick and they act like their life is coming to an end.... lol
As mom's I guess we half to suck it up and go on. Take it like a MAN....I mean like a WOmen!! lol
House work needs to be done but I'm procrastinating today...I did get the vacuuming done but that's about it...Weather doesn't's been raining on and off all day and strong winds...

It's pretty much a lazy day all around!

Hope all is well with you...wherever you are!