Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hello friends....
Today is somewhat of a gloomy day. The weather has taken yet another nose dive.
Perhaps another good day to keep my crochet flowers going. Hopefully the weather will be nice on Mother's Day. I am anxious to spend the day with my daughter and Allen at the tulip festival on Sunday! Should be fun and a relaxing day!

As I promised here are my two Pet Peeves of the week!

  • My first annoying pet peeve today is hearing people talking badly about people after they die. Yet another of my favorite television stars dies at the golden age of 86. Bea Arthur was a great actress with great spunk, she played such roles as Dorothy Zbornak, from 'The Golden Girls' a middle aged women whom shared a Florida Home with three other vivacious women including her own witted mother. She also played Maude in the television spin-off of ' all in the family.' Her mother on the show 'Sophia' played by Estelle Getty also passed away July 22nd, 2008. Two truly gifted souls. I caught the end of this discussion on a radio program but it was something having to do with Bea Arthur taking something to her grave. And it was the same when Anna Nichole Smith died, the stuff that reporters said about her was terrible. Every time someone dies in Hollywood, they talk badly about them in some way shape or form...Come on people, ever heard of Karma??? What goes around comes around....Can we not just let them rest in peace....I don't know about you but when I make it up there in (heaven) I don't want to be explaining to THE BIG GUY why I was talking trash about dead people!! Why do some feel the need to keep talking badly about them or re-hash the bad things they've done. Just like talking about the tragic accident that took Princess Diana's life, do we need to keep bringing up the accident or conspiracy around her death every year, can we not just celebrate her life and the good she did!! URGG
  • On a lighter note, I dislike people who park too close to your car in parking lots.
Park between your own lines Morons!
  • You should be smart enough to think, that if your parking that close their is a BIG chance that I'm gonna hit your car when trying to open my door. That's how dings and scratches happen! And if you make me climb into the passenger side to get into the drivers out! Check out this site. You can actually buy cards to place on these cars that park to close. Cards that tell them how you feel!! Quite funny!

As a beginner blogger....I'm wondering if there are ever days that you write a post and then think to yourself...yeah, not my greatest post yet....perhaps this is one of mine...
Please feel free to leave me your thoughts....
Have a good day!!!