Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy Monday to you....

Music is what feelings sound like- (Author Unknown)

Happy Monday to you....Today I wanted to share this notion I have with you. I absolutely love music. It's an absolute part of my everyday life. Hence the reason why I went to University for a music degree but let's leave that adventure for another day. I strongly believe that if you look back at defining moments in your life so far. It can be something happy or something sad. A divorce, a journey, a marriage, meeting a girlfriend/boyfriend or whatever else you can think of. My theory is that with every turning point or event in your life you should probably remember a certain song that played over an over again during that time. And if played now (present time) you could remember certain events from your past. Music is a powerful tool in which we can express virtually everything and anything. Music can be found practically in every corner of the world. It is not only heard at rock concerts, but in elevators, on the telephone(when your on hold) kids as early as five have ipod's...Music is also used for political agenda.

Music is truly universal

Just to name a few, when I hear Eric Clapton's song 'Tears in Heaven' I think of an old boyfriend I dated for a few short weeks. Another is 'Survivor' by Destiny's Child which I listened to after my divorce. Celine Dion's 'Une Colombe' when my grandmother passed away. I can't seem to bring myself to sing it all the way through without crying. My mother absolutely loves the song 'Wind beneath my wind' by Bette Midler. It was the first song I learnt how to sing well. I remember practicing in my room for hours singing. Every time I hear it I think of the love she has for me. When the 'Hockey night in Canada' song comes on I think of being a young girl sitting on the couch with my older brother and father watching the Montreal Canadiens play hockey.
When I was pregnant for my daughter Bon Jovi's song 'It's my life' and the PussyCat Dolls
'Don't Cha' song played over and over again. I remember singing and dancing in my living room rubbing my belly. LOL
After a few short weeks of dating my fiance, I brought him back to my hometown for a family gathering, we danced to Rod Stewart's 'Have I told you lately that I love you'. That night he made me feel like I was the only lady in the room and his eyes were solely on mine. I believe that was the night I truly feel in love with him.
So as you can see many of my memorable moments include a certain song.

Pls, don't be shy...let me know a few songs which has special memories for you...

Have a great week.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday morning ramblings....

Good Morning to you....
I was just wondering what happened to the sunshine we had yesterday...It's now cloudy and a few drops of rain are hitting my window seal as we speak. I've recently found a long lost friend I've been searching for and am so very glad to have found her. She is one of those special people whom can make you laugh at a drop of a dime. Her smile is contagious. Have anyone in your life like that? We had not parted on any bad terms but as we all know sometimes life takes you on a different path and some friends are sadly left behind (and not always by choice.) No one knew where she had gone, finally ten years passed and a friend of a friend believe she has last heard of her living up North. After a few more searches online I found her...I called a few wrong numbers than it happened...I said hello and the voice talking back to me was that of warmth and laughter in her voice. I asked her named and where she went to high school and she replied: 'is this Nat? and that was that...We both started to laugh and after a few more minutes we were crying together...She was able to open up about a few very sad and personal tragedies she had to go through and it was as though we had never parted.
What saddens me is that I was not there to comfort her. But that's the great part about being great friends, no matter how long it has been since you last spoke you can jump back into your friends life like nothing has changed. In a lifetime I believe you'll meet many friends yet I truly believe that only a few will stick by you through thick and thin! I find myself quite lucky as I have found a few friends whom I adore and share many a great moments of our lives together.
As a kid (I'm 32 and believe I'm soooo old... my fiance laughs at me for thinking that way)
I used to love watching the Golden Girls....They were so witty, funny and they really seemed to have a good times, especially around the kitchen table with coffee and a slice of cheesecake. They all had different personalities yet they came together, they meshed well and were able to form a family. That is how I feel about my friends, I see them as family members. I would do anything for them. As you may have noticed I'm somewhat of an emotional person. (I wear my heart on my sleeves) I think the secret of friendship is being there, even when you don't always know what to say..Sometime just being there and listening is just as important.
As for my friend I just met, she's planning a trip to see me this summer. :)

Well I hope you had a great weekend...And if you haven't told your best friend how much she/he means to you lately...perhaps today could be the day!!

"Thank you for being a friend
Traveled down the road and back again
Your heart is true your a pal and a confidant.
And if you through a party
Invited everyone you ever knew
You would see the biggest gift would be from me
And the card attached would say thank you for being a friend."


Friday, March 27, 2009

Home friday nite....

Life in the country has been quite peaceful yet at times too quiet! I am happy that the snow is melting at a rapid speed and the sun is shining upon us. The cold air is shifting onwards. I am now putting our first winter in our new house behind us. The scenery in the country is quite breathtaking in the winter. The snow covered hills and trees. My daughter used her skates for the first time and she really enjoyed skating with her father. She was quite well balanced on her well as any three year old would be!
I have recently learn't how to crochet. I wanted to learn how to knit but after learning that I would have to hold two needles I decided on crochet. I went to store and purchased yarn and a book..I was going to make a scarf.. That night I cuddled into my bed, cup of tea beside me, opened the book and then realized I couldn't understand a thing. I thought my crochet adventure was over until my fiance suggested I look on 'You Tube.'
And voila, I actually learn't how to crochet from a guy named 'mikeyssmail' he's really well spoken and his instructions are straightforward and precise. I learn't how to make most of my stitches from him. I'm also getting better at reading patterns...
This is my first scarf....I didn't know I had to count every stitch...and knew nothing about gauge.
It's only after talking to a lady in the Walmart aisle that I realized you need to count, count, count.....I've gotten better as you'll see in the next pics. I've also created two baby hats, a few hacky- sacks ( the first was chewed by my Shit-zu named Habze) I also found a pretty pattern for a princess headband crown for my daughter!
I have to admit I never knew there was so much you could create with crochet.
It's my way of decompressing. I must admit I am getting hooked on buying yarn...and lots of every different color... It seems as you grow older you become more of a homebody.
When I was younger I wanted nothing to do with home on weekends. It was a time for hanging out with your friends and having a few too many! But as a mother life seems to pass by quicker. That old saying of 'once you have kids... life passes you by' was really not just a thing people just said in passing it's really true! I would rather spend much of my time with my daughter and fiance enjoying every moment, recording every single precious moment in my head. Having kids really puts life in perspective. I will conclude my first post with
two of my favorite words 'family' because nothing matters if you don't have a great lovin
g family around you. My family means the world to me. And the next is 'Hope' my blessed daughter's name. She's my pride and joy! She is my lucky star here on earth!

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog....
Stay tuned!