Saturday, April 16, 2011

Finding Birth Mother is not about closure....

 Good Afternoon all...Happy Saturday...

There is something very satisfying in figuring out a mystery...don't you think? Especially surrounding the mystery of where you came from. I was going to say 'who I am' but I know who I Am...I have two loving parents whom I adore more than life, a great brother who drives me crazy but I wouldn't change him for the world. I have a man who adores me and I him and two beautiful kids. My life up until now has been great. I was raised with much love, warmth and kindness. I couldn't of asked for a better home life.
In the same breath I will admit to saying that at times I did question myself, my life,

Have you ever played with puzzles growing up? I sorta equate my life to being a puzzle...trying to figure out how the pieces fit together...trying to find the mystery of where each piece connects to each other. How the picture looks as a whole. Have you ever almost finished the puzzle and could not find the last piece?  Each piece is invaluable. Each piece matters. 
For me there has been such a great feeling of fulfillment. A serenity that has been missing in my head. I feel comforted in the fact that she is in my life now and that she is no longer just the women who gave birth to me. She is in fact, a friend, someone whom I keep near and dear to my heart and always will. She is a women who has strength and courage and who has given me the best life possible. A good friend of mine recently shared with me a story her mother told her about the two men in her life and this is also true for me... 

I AM lucky, lucky to have two women in my life. One who gave me life, and ONE who gave me a life..

Both have contributed to my life. After many conversation with my b-mom, I am understanding more and more each day why she couldn't care for me. Not sure why, but I really don't have any anger towards her. I just believe that God had other plans for me. And now we are back in each others lives. Which makes everything seem redundant. Things happen for a reason! As far as my birth father is concerned, I am laying that ghost to rest. I am not in search nor will I ever be. I am quite content for now, with the way things are. In life, we can't always have everything we want. I am at a happy place in my life and the rest will shape itself as it sees fit. For me, this journey has re-introduce that missing piece I have been searching for. I'm feeling blessed. 

The more people you can surround yourself  whom matter to you, the richer your life becomes.

Can you find the seven hearts?

Have a great weekend....
Take time to tell yr loved ones, they matter!

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