Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday morning...

I'm enjoying my morning cup of Joe wondering what happened with the weather. Woke up Thursday morning and it was gorgeous. I had time to put away the Christmas lights hanging on our little tree and a few wrapped around the house...I raked up my little bed of garden which I am going to attempt to plant many beautiful flowers (perhaps mostly purple ones.) With spring rapidly approaching and with my level of green thumb being quite slim to none I am optimistic. I imagine my flower bed to be carpeted in a kaleidoscope of colourful wild flowers. Yet, stay tuned to see if I manage to do so.
I find most of these flowers brighten gardens in almost any neighborhood. I love the simplest of flowers. I've realized that I may need to read a few books to fully understand how to care and maintain a garden. I just thought I would plant some in the ground and place a few garden ornaments and their you go, watch it grow....Silly me! I think I will be making a trip to our local garden shop for further assistance on choosing soil and garden tools I may need.
As I mentioned earlier, on Thursday I puttered around the yard and anxiously already placed my garden gnome in the garden underneath my small
willow tree.(I believe that is what that tree is called) I am also planning on making some stepping stones with my daughter to place randomly around the yard. I think that would be a great project such as painting a bird house with her father. I also have a few solar lighting stakes which I find our fun accents which require no batteries or outlets. The amount of things you can place in your garden is unbelievable. You can keep it changing year after year.

While I was pregnant with my daughter, my husband and I were temporarily living with my parents. That summer my mother as usual planted some flowers around the house. Knowing I loved purple she planted my favorite flower: pansies. These flowers have velvety petals of various colors ranging from red, purple, blue, pink, yellow, orange, lavender, white. They may be of a single color or have two or three colors with a face. I decided to dry a few out as fall was approaching and placed them in a special book. I decided to continue growing them each year and make it a tradition with and for my daughter. Each year since she was born (she's now 3 1/2 yrs old)I planted them in a pot. Two summers ago, she helped me and was quite proud of her flowers. It gave her a sense of accomplishment.
Last summer with moving and all, we almost forgot about our tradition. We jumped in the car and searched everywhere for pansies and sadly enough no one had any left. I must admit I was very sad because I wanted this to be a tradition we actually do every year. Traditions sadly enough are often things we tend to forget and not always follow through. Yet I was determined to keep this one alive. I searched many stores before going to Canadian Tire's garden section and again nothing until I spotted in the far corner underneath other flowers a single pot of almost dead pansies. Knowing not much about flowers, I asked my mother if there was any way possible we could bring these flowers back to life and she said yes! My daughter and I were excited to get home and plant them. Pansies for me represent love. Love my mother had for me in choosing these flowers to plant and love I have for my daughter in planting them each year to represent my ever growing love fore her. I believe that gardening is having a story behind each plant. Different flowers can make you think of different people or events in your life.
Before I bore you with my 'love garden' which is what I will call my garden, enjoy this summer and plant to your hearts desire.

Come again, I will post pics of my garden and our special pansies.