Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More pet peeves....

As I promised more vents for moi. But before we get to that...Can we not take a minute to smell the fresh warm air! It's gorgeous out there and I'm dying to take out my Gardening ornaments.

My first vent of the day is for some people not a problem and yet for others you can see them getting frustrated by the minute, even seconds...I call it the 'Waiting game.' We spend so much time waiting in lines. For me, I will admit I can't handle it. I believe I spend more time in waiting lines at department stores, than I actually do that of shopping! Just standing there damn right annoys me. I start to fidget, sway back and forth and even start biting my lower lip. lol
  • What I cannot understand is shopping at Big Brand Stores where their are tons of people shopping yet they only have two-three tellers open, which creates long customer line ups.
  • Why should I half to waste my precious minutes waiting in long queues that seem to be going nowhere fast?
  • Then when your finally advancing in the line, you get happy until some customer has a few articles of clothing or products with no label or has a problem with pricing...then your at a complete halt. (not always the customers fault, mind you!) If there was more cashes open we could change lines but NOPE!!!
  • Then you notice the department stores clerk s-l-o-w-l-y ringing up every item and telling the customer her life story... Urgggg You know what I'm talking about every store has them.
  • We seem to get angry when we are served by a teller whom has this dumbfounded look on their face and doesn't smile which is rightfully so. I hate when I try to make a joke about something with the person serving me and there lost in another planet. I know sometimes we are bothered with other stuff in our lives and our jobs get mundane but if your going to work with the public should you not be present in the moment?
  • More often than not, I get closer to the front of the line because people before me get frustrated and leave the store.
All I want is shorter lines. Tellers whom are cheery and have a personality. And more cashes open!
Just a little periwinkle flower to brighten up your day. Even though I write these vents....I'm a very content person. I just thought I'd share with you things that at times frustrate me.
flower photo

And my second pet peeve of the day is................women's clothing....Now I'm your average size women...Not skinny but not crazy big either. What ever size you are you should be able to find clothing which looks good on you right? The answer is wrong!!
I'll be honest with you I'm a little fluffy....but I feel as though I can't find any clothes. Sure, their are shops like Pennington's, Addition-Elle and others but the problem is their clothes....
Let's be honest if your not a size 'zero' you have big problems.
  • Why is it that pants for fluffy women make us look like we have bigger crotches than our partners? Can someone explain me that.
  • Because we are fluffy we seem to be deemed as the Big Polka Dot wearers...Even though I have a few more fat cells than others DON"T FREAKEN MEAN I WANT TO WEAR OVERLY BIG PATTERNS ON MY SHIRTS! Now this dress is absolutely gorgeous...For a little girl. Polka dots look great on kids to a certain degree. Like adults some kids clothing are also ridiculous.
Polka dots belong back in the 60's. Big or small I hate them. The bigger you are the bigger they look on you. Polka dots were made famous from the song 'Itsy Bitsy Tiny Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Beenie, by Brian Hyland. And I believe they should of stayed in that era.
  • And dresses.....Don't get me started....I have a figure....Why is it that most of the dresses could fit my hot water tank? I have curves and my fiance has no chance of flying away. lol
  • It's sad that in this day and age when many of us are little fluffier, we are made to feel ugly. If we don't conform to society's beliefs we are punished.
It's sad but we as a society need to stop judging each other. Everyone is different, everyone is not a size zero....When we were younger and in school we were told to be nice to everyone, accept everyone, no matter what color, race, weight or other different characteristics yet we as adults criticize everyone and anything. I will be the first to admit I'm part of that group as we all are. Sadly enough, I think women are pretty harsh when it comes to other women. Should we not as a whole unite and not bash each other. We should praise one another. It wasn' t that long ago when women could not vote, nor hold high position jobs. We as women know the challenges we face everyday, the burdens and everyday issues, therefore we need to stand up and start finding ways of accepting each other.
Sorry for getting of topic.....I was going to erase this whole paragraph...but sometimes things just come rushing left it... :)

If your ever in the mood for a great listen.....Carolyn Dawn Johnson's song :
"God doesn't make Mistakes."
I can't wait for more women to be able to say this line including myself:
"I'm ok with the way God made me,
I have my days but doesn't everybody
It's not always easy for me to believe in myself
But I gotta remember
I'm always gonna be a better me
than anyone else
And God doesn't make mistakes'

Have a great evening....
Take time for yourself....