Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wednesday Vents....

Good afternoon.....Weather again is blah....I'm still wondering where my 'great Thursday day' went from last week... Why are we having snow again...yet the sun is trying to shine through my basement window. I decided to try something new... This post will be about my pet peeves.
I thought I'd share more about myself so we can feel more like were friends which would perhaps bring you to visit me more often as I reveal more about 'moi' little by little. Wednesday's will be my 'Vent day'. You know those things that totally annoy or frustrate us to no end! We all have them and now mine will be share with you.. The reason for this is my first pet peeve. OK ladies, I'm sure many many many of you can relate....I've been reading 'how to make a great blog' and the one common denominator is 'find a related topic.' Well...I think I may have found mine.
It's a three letter word. Which brings many of us conflict. Are you ready for it.
My first vent is about....... (drum role please)

1. BRAS There is nothing worse than a terrible fitting bra. The straps keep falling down, they never stay in place. You can adjust the strap over and over again yet still fall down. The wire underneath the breast is simply uncomfortable. After washing your bras they become stretched and some discoloured. We've all heard of the push-up bras...What if my boobs are big enough and I don't want a push up bra? Why is it that if your small breasted lady you can find tons of bras and 'ON SALE' and they are very stylish with great patterns, prints and colors. Yet for those of us whom have average to bigger breast we need to pay 'an arm and a leg' for our bras, they mostly come in white black or beige...Who the hell wants beige bras except for my great-grandma( sorry grandma) We can't find bras with nice patterns and a wide range of colors. And if you do find them they are top $. We're bras not made to hold our boobs up...And I mean big boobs...not those who belong to the (itty titty bitty comity) as my fiance and his co-workers call them! I'm not trying to be mean to small breasted woman but yet the people whom make them. I hate going to buy bras. I would rather chew my arm off. I am a 30ish young woman whom would like to wear bras my husband finds appealing not BEIGE!! Can you tell I hate the color beige... lol Last but not least, I don't want a bra that fits my whole front chest. I recently went to a department store and got fitted for a new bra and well things went from bad to worse. The sales lady came in and asked if I needed help. I reluctantly said yes. She proceeded to give me all the bras that my grannies would wear. You know the ones with the thick, heavy straps and wide band in the back and 'for the love of god' 'BEIGE'..... Need I say more..!!! All I want is a bra that supports my boobs, strap that stay up and perhaps a purple one! lol Sadly enough most of us can't go bra less yet my fiance would have no problem with it.. :) And one more thing I hate, under wire bras because after a while the wire tends to poke me in the underarm...URGGGG Need I say more... I actually looked around the net and found sites devoted to 'I hate bras' I sit here writing this post I am bra less... Ha- Ha....

2. The phone rings. Your in the middle of doing laundry or simply answering the door or preparing supper while your child asks you a million and one questions. You run to the phone and it's your bank calling or some business calling for a 'courtesy call.' I almost feel as though I am being stalked by telemarketers. I always get them when I'm busy. I know I should be nice because these employees are simply doing their jobs BUT if they call ten times a day my patience grows thin.
  • The best is when you pick up and a recording tells you to wait for someone to come on the phone and speak to you...You want me to wait..YOU CALLED ME....
  • Then after running a flew flights of stairs to get to the phone, they say it's simply a courtesy call. Wondering if their service is satisfying. If I needed to change something with my service I would go their in person. If I was mad with my service they would know. This is not a courtesy call it's a 'would you leave me the heck alone and stop calling my house sort of call.'
  • And to top it all off....How many times can I say I'm not interested in one phone call..They simply keep talking like I'm gonna change my mind. Madam, many people in your neighbourhood have this service. I respond: No thanks. But.. Madam, this would be a great blah blah blah blah blah...( like the teacher talking in Charlie Brown)
  • I admit, after a while, I get annoyed or hang up on them. There I said it, the dreaded hanging up on people...Is it rude, perhaps. But when I tell you I am not interested STOP! asking!.
  • Honestly do you really want me to let you go on with your sales pitch If I am 100% sure I'm not interested?
  • What I hate the most is them calling on weekends...Come people I have a life..Weekends are spent with my family. It's enough that you call me everyday of the week.
Can we just get

I hope your enjoying your day and week... I will leave you with my first pet peeves...
Surely more to come...undoubtedly!
Feel free to leave comments.
Cheers to you!
Where ever you are I hope the sun is shinning upon you.
See you soon...