Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy Wednesdays....

Good Morning to all.....
As I was searching for a nice flower to brighten up my post today, I stumble upon this funny looking flower. It's called a Mexican Hat, and it's a Native Perennial wildflower.
My first thought was: WOW....that's some funny looking flower, as I giggled a bit.
Then...well....I won't tell you what it reminded me of....

I am in a good mood today...Despite the dreary weather today. Things are great here. I have a secret to tell but will keep you guys in suspense for a few days longer. Before I begin with this weeks Vents...Have you guys watched the season finally for Criminal minds...That is one me and Allen's favorite shows..The whole show was suspenseful, but the last few seconds was unreal. I can't believe they would kill off Aaron Hotchner off the show...And now we half to wait for a few months to know what happens...Ahhhh
Then, Ugly Betty was a two hour long season finale. Poor Betty, always ge
tting herself in these messes. I almost cried when I saw Daniel's wife getting wheeled out of their apartment. Very sad!

As promised, my Pet peeves...

How much is too much? Some people rely way to much on their parents for their e
very need. It's okay to ask for help but their is a fine line between a helping hand and simply expecting them to drop everything for you and help you out on a daily basis. At a certain point in your life, you need to be able to stand on your own two feet and take control of your life and struggles. As parents get older, it's not their job to raise their kids, kids. As they grow older and enter another phase of their lives, they should feel free to explore new venues, new challenges, new joys. This should be a time where they get back to spending more time with their partners, with whom they fell in love with way back when.
We've perhaps all had help from our parents and perhaps continue to do so, and I hope I can help my kids in return but isn't their a limit too how much help we should ask for. When you notice your parents over tired and in a somewhat zombie looking state should you not stop asking for help and find an alternative solution?
Some people simply take advantage of their parents.

If you can do something for yourself why get another to do it for you!

Here are silly things that annoy me:
(but that I let roll off my back)
Nothing to get really angry at.
  • Putting the dirty dishes in the sink without rinsing them. And then not putting then in the dish washer which is beside the sink...Anymore closer if would bite them in the @ss. After Waking up in the morning and seeing your sink which was cleaned the night before, filled with dirty unopened and unrinsed Tupperware from his lunch.
  • Restaurants: Besides the obvious irritations of dirty plates/silverware/glasses and inattentive staff. I hate being in a restaurant where the music is too loud and I can't even hear myself swallow my food.
  • I dislike when the waitress/waiter takes your order, brings you drinks and they never ask you again for a refill on your beverages. I know their busy and at times understaffed But it seems to happens way too much.
  • I dislike when they make a point to ask you if you want your salad before your meal and it comes a few seconds before they bring you your order. Then you have no room for your salad so you simply give back your salad.

I'm beginning to dislike my Wednesdays Vents...I feel as though some days I'm grasping at straws to find Pet Peeves.... such as
I think I'm gonna change it up a bit....

Some Wednesdays I will write what I truly feel blessed about....
I'll have an easier time to write about that!

I hope everyone is happy this week.
As I am...Life couldn't be better.
Talk to u soon...
Remember... to take time and kiss your with your kids...enjoy every moment..
It goes by too quickly!

P.S As for the secret....You'll need to come back soon!!
Ta ta 4 Now

P.s.s I found another blanket I want to make...
I'll show u soon!