Monday, April 6, 2009

My labour of love....

The weather outside was nothing to talk about but inside was a different story. What is a crafter to do on a wet flurry day like today! Let me tell ya. I opened my cross-stitching box and wondered where all my cross-stitch projects had gone. It seems as though all of my projects where gifts to my loved ones. This was my very first one made in a few days. My best friend Jenna encouraged me to take up this fantastic craft. This was the first project she showed me how to tackle. The picture isn't the best but you can get the idea. It's called an Amish Quilt. Cross-stitch is simply about counting your thread and making an X-shaped stitch which is how you form a picture. My next project was that of Winnie the Pooh. Another love of mine. Before my daughter was born I was collecting everything Pooh and now it's a thing of the past, perhaps! I collected stuffed bears, glasses, mugs, pictures, pens, pins, figurines and so on. I'm a kid at heart. I love the simple things, I simply can't help but adore him as does Hope. Yet I think she's more into Dora and Diego at this point...She's moved on yet I still haven't!!! lol
For my next project I decided to tackle a project a bit over my head. I will admit it was quite challenging, yet I did it. This was for my fiance's cousin Amanda whom was getting married. She simply adored anything having to do with lighthouses. I found a pattern and was determined to make her this lovely gift for her collection. (I forgot to take a picture of it so I'll show you the pattern.) It took me a few months yet it came together well. It wasn't that hard to follow..
I don't mind all the counting and the small hole's which you insert your needle in and at times get cross eyed! lol Their are so many colors of DMC to buy. I tend to buy colors I need to finish a project and then always end up buying tons of other colors simply because I love the shade of color. Trendy or traditional these works of art are made with love. Anyone who sits for hours at a time and months at a time working stitches are passionate about their work and their crafts. Needless to say, my cousins really enjoyed their wedding gift.
At the present time I'm working on a project for Hope. I made her a circle of hearts and wrote her name in the middle to hang on her door. I wanted to make her another to display on her wall. I started when I was pregnant, three years later still not done. I keep putting it off and well times have been somewhat busy. But I promised myself to have it done in the next few weeks..I really like the one I chose for her. It says 'Believe in yourself' which is something I believe everywhere little girl growing up needs to here more often than not. I was always a shy girl growing up too scared to try most things. I missed out on playing basketball afraid to fail, I was scared to enter singing contest, again scared to you see a pattern emerging? I want my daughter to be able to stand on her own two feet and discover the world. Be not afraid of the unknown. I simply want her to know she can make her own goals, to believe in her own talents, but most importantly develop a good self-esteem. I want her to be confident and curious. I want her to love and be loved.(again sorry for the terrible picture)
I'll post the finished project soon!
I just bought a pattern through Ebay of a magical fairy(of coarse she's mostly purple) and it's absolutely gorgeous. I'll start it and post a pic and you'll be able to track my progress. As you can see I have many things on the go. But as I mentioned earlier it seems as though all of my big projects are for others. Perhaps this is so for many...
Pls.. come again and show me your works of art.