Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Good Wednesday Everybody!

Hope everyone is having a good week. I'd like to share with you, one of my favorite shows lately. For a few weeks now my fiance and I have been watching this cute show on ABC called 'Cupid.' It's a comedy, involving a man whom believes he's a modern day Cupid despite what his therapist thinks. He truly believes he's the God of love sent to New York to pair couples together and needs 100 couples whom are truly in love to get himself back to Mount Olympus. Sounds weird, but a must see. Before they cancel yet another simple yet cute show.

Today I was subjected to one woman's rants.
I was at a play date with my newly found friend when she mention she had met another women in our area with two kids whom is also looking for a few friends to hang out with as well as find friends for her two boys. The second after she introduced herself, she lite up a smoke and let her frustrations out.
Everyone deserves
to let off some steam now and then and today was hers.

And then it I was listening with such kindness....
I was insulted! She insulted me!

She and my friend were talking about whom she had as a Real Estate Agent and she mentioned her name and then mentioned she was a bigger lady.
Then she looks at me and said: 'I'm sorry...I didn't mean anything bad by that.' I wasn't offended I replied, you weren't talking about me... And well.....I'm OK with being a 'fluffy' women. She then mentioned how she keeps putting her foot in her mouth! I understand she's having a bad and frustrating day but...... Why is it that so often we let people off the hook for speaking before actually thinking about what they are going to say. Sometimes we all say things we regret. We have all had momentary blunders. Words which have spewed from our lips and have a mind of their own.
I know that but....What about those people whom do it on a regular
basis. People whom seem to have diarrhea of the mouth. Do they not need to own up to what they say? Speaking our minds without thinking at times can be damaging. Our tongues seem to hold much more power than perhaps we think. This was the first encounter with this women and sadly enough I'm kind of put off. She may be nice but let's just say our first encounter wasn't the greatest.

Lack of thoughts make people inconsiderate.
I hate it when people find excuses for other people's behaviors. Such as: he/she didn't mean it that way or they perhaps didn't think before they said it or blah, blah, blah!

When should we make them accountable for the things they say? Do I need to keep my mouth shut every time people say stupid stuff around me? Why do I half to be subjected to their thoughtless, random stupidity. I don't have control of what they say...but shouldn't they ??
I know I can choose to stay away from these selected few but what if you can't...perhaps there is no real answer to this rant..but I had to at least share it with you as you may also have had this happen to you!

This is my rant for today....Sorry I forgot to post it yest
I hope your NOT surrounded by people whom merely blunder S*** out of their mouths constantly!

Have a great Thursday! Meet up with you soon!
Today I hope I get more crochet done.....Weathers sucks!


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