Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy friday...

Hope your having better weather then we are! I'm in a good mood today... Having hot flashes as we speak...but everything good!
I just finished dancing with Hope in her room. I love having those special moments with her, I cherish every minute. Just her and I grooving to kids dance music. We may look goofy but we always have a blast.
We try to dance almost everyday!This is a great way of making a connection with your kids.
It gives her a chance to express herself. Hope has been subjected to music
as early as in she was in the womb. I used to sing to her everyday and now when I sing her this particular she swears she's heard it before and she knows many of the words. Music is a big part of our lives.

Rainy days can be somewhat frustrating at times when you have kids. What to do with them all day long in the house. How to pass the time. Hope and I enjoy making crafts, baking and mostly cuddling up together on the couch, under a soft blanket and watching a great kids movie...and munchin' on a great big bowl of popcorn.
Today's features was Stuart Little 2...
A simple little heart-warming movie about a little mouse named Stuart who falls for a flighty little bird named Margalo. Stuart ends up finding out that Margalo has ulterior motives and and that she's being bullied by the falcon. In the end they end up helping each other.
I asked Hope what her favorite part of the movie was and she replied: 'Stuart help
ing the little bird.'
What a
sweeeet girl I have!
The funny part about it is that she missed some of the movie because she kept asking me questions throughout. She's just like her M
eme....talks and talks through the movie! lol

Yesterday, Even Almighty was on the satellite dish with Steve Carell, a comedy about biblical proportions. She likes watching it because of all the animals. We got to the end of the movie when the main character 'Evan Baxter' was urging all the town folk to climb aboard the boat because the flood was coming. As soon as the water came and the boat was smashing into houses she immediately asked me if it was going to ever happen here. Because she said we have a river close by ( remember she's only 3 1/2) I was shocked by her questions. But I immediately put her mind at ease. She's so smart and clever, I tell ya. Always thinking!!! Always on her toes!! She kept asking me: Where is the boat going? Why are all the animals in it? Why is there so much water? and so on.....
Kids really say the darndest things!

I've chosen my next blanket to make...After much consideration...
I've finally made up my mind. I want a simple one to make so I can actually say I made one from start to finish in a matter of weeks. Hope's blanket is taking me forever! lol
But I'm enjoying every minute of it. I just thought I wanted one done before 9 months.

I liked this one. It looks easy enough. I may make it bigger though. I had found another but not sure how complicated it would be or if would be another blanket which would take me forever.

This is the looks so nice....
Decisions, decisions...
I may change my mind....not sure!

Come back to see which I've chosen....
I hope all is well with you all....

Have a great weekend....
You can bet I'll be eating my soda crackers...

Smile someone somewhere loves ya!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy Wednesdays....

Good Morning to all.....
As I was searching for a nice flower to brighten up my post today, I stumble upon this funny looking flower. It's called a Mexican Hat, and it's a Native Perennial wildflower.
My first thought was: WOW....that's some funny looking flower, as I giggled a bit.
Then...well....I won't tell you what it reminded me of....

I am in a good mood today...Despite the dreary weather today. Things are great here. I have a secret to tell but will keep you guys in suspense for a few days longer. Before I begin with this weeks Vents...Have you guys watched the season finally for Criminal minds...That is one me and Allen's favorite shows..The whole show was suspenseful, but the last few seconds was unreal. I can't believe they would kill off Aaron Hotchner off the show...And now we half to wait for a few months to know what happens...Ahhhh
Then, Ugly Betty was a two hour long season finale. Poor Betty, always ge
tting herself in these messes. I almost cried when I saw Daniel's wife getting wheeled out of their apartment. Very sad!

As promised, my Pet peeves...

How much is too much? Some people rely way to much on their parents for their e
very need. It's okay to ask for help but their is a fine line between a helping hand and simply expecting them to drop everything for you and help you out on a daily basis. At a certain point in your life, you need to be able to stand on your own two feet and take control of your life and struggles. As parents get older, it's not their job to raise their kids, kids. As they grow older and enter another phase of their lives, they should feel free to explore new venues, new challenges, new joys. This should be a time where they get back to spending more time with their partners, with whom they fell in love with way back when.
We've perhaps all had help from our parents and perhaps continue to do so, and I hope I can help my kids in return but isn't their a limit too how much help we should ask for. When you notice your parents over tired and in a somewhat zombie looking state should you not stop asking for help and find an alternative solution?
Some people simply take advantage of their parents.

If you can do something for yourself why get another to do it for you!

Here are silly things that annoy me:
(but that I let roll off my back)
Nothing to get really angry at.
  • Putting the dirty dishes in the sink without rinsing them. And then not putting then in the dish washer which is beside the sink...Anymore closer if would bite them in the @ss. After Waking up in the morning and seeing your sink which was cleaned the night before, filled with dirty unopened and unrinsed Tupperware from his lunch.
  • Restaurants: Besides the obvious irritations of dirty plates/silverware/glasses and inattentive staff. I hate being in a restaurant where the music is too loud and I can't even hear myself swallow my food.
  • I dislike when the waitress/waiter takes your order, brings you drinks and they never ask you again for a refill on your beverages. I know their busy and at times understaffed But it seems to happens way too much.
  • I dislike when they make a point to ask you if you want your salad before your meal and it comes a few seconds before they bring you your order. Then you have no room for your salad so you simply give back your salad.

I'm beginning to dislike my Wednesdays Vents...I feel as though some days I'm grasping at straws to find Pet Peeves.... such as
I think I'm gonna change it up a bit....

Some Wednesdays I will write what I truly feel blessed about....
I'll have an easier time to write about that!

I hope everyone is happy this week.
As I am...Life couldn't be better.
Talk to u soon...
Remember... to take time and kiss your with your kids...enjoy every moment..
It goes by too quickly!

P.S As for the secret....You'll need to come back soon!!
Ta ta 4 Now

P.s.s I found another blanket I want to make...
I'll show u soon!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday funnies....

Good Morning Friends.....

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. I myself am ver
y happy this morning. When you open your blog to see another follower it's quite satisfying. It brought a smile to my face. Just wanted to say Thanxs so very much for reading and coming back to hear what I half to say. I hope you always find yourselves chuckling and smiling about some wacky thing I said...or my bad spelling!!

Moving on to my crochet projects....

I've been working on my daughters's seemingly taking forever.

For my very first blanket I didn't take the easiest pattern to follow. But it's challenging and it's keeping me busy. For the time I've already put in it, there is not much to show for...LOL I actually had to walk away from it a few times and forget about it. I kept reading the pattern but nothing was sinking in.
That's a 'tip' for other beginners if it doesn't compute the first time, walk away from the project and come back to it later. After reading it again the next day, I f
igured it out. At least I think I'm doing it right. I could be completely doing it wrong but it looks good and that's what counts...
I'm also having nightmares lately about finishing her blanket, washing it in the washer and dryer and it unravelling/coming apart! AHHHHHHHHHHHH
I would be completely devastated and discouraged from picking up a needle again!!
I am already eyeing another blanket to make, much simpler, I believe. Just a simple zigzag Afghan with a few colors. But for now back to the first blanket at hand, and Only 106 more squares to make... AHHHH

This weekend was my brother's 40th birthday, we celebrated it by going to
Lonestar and followed it by going upstairs to hear a great band called' Rusty' whom I believe where from Montreal. They were awesome. They covered 70 and 80's cover songs. We had lots of fun. We were about 16 people, mostly family. The Bar scene hasn't changed a bit nor will it ever....I think the last time I stepped in a bar was over
4 years ago now...I actually felt out of place. It was fun being there with my parents, brother and cousins. It was even more hilarious watching the line of men beside the dance floor ogling the women dancing. Men are a weird species.

My mom made a comment that just the women were dancing while the men were watching. I had to laugh, than said it's not like back in your day when the dance floor was a Rockin' with everyone dancing men/women! Now a days, you see the men drinking their drinks and trying to calculate which women they are going to hit on and which women they are going to laugh at.
Their always seems to be that group of men whom think they are God's gift to women. Yet are nothing to write home about. One of the guys was all-dressed up like a cowboy, hat and boots and all. He was having a great time dancing all by himself(not on the da
nce floor) but beside his buddies. He was too funny. We all had a good laugh.

On the dance floor their was a girl dancing to Shakira, and WOW she was even dressed like her. But her clothes were just a tad way tooooo small. Let's just say their were things that were jiggling that even I didn't want to see.
You find all kinds of people at a bar. I shouldn't be laughing at them because they looked like they were having fun but......come was funny and I after a few drinks it see
ms that much more hilarious. My fiance pointed out a girl dressed somewhat like Dorothy from the Wizard of OZ, until she started dirty dancing with her partner... :)
On the way home, I told Allen that I had a great nite, but going to a bar regularly just wasn't my thing. Been there, done that a while back, not interested anymore. On top of which, my finance doesn't like to dance, only if it's a slow dance so how fun is that.
I guess I never was too much into the bar scene. They simply drove me nuts...My friends would get all dolled up, cake on the make-up, and wear their tops which showed the most cleavage. I hated that ritual with a passion. Yes, I also got dressed up but I didn't want to let m
y girls hang out(I'm referring to my boobs).
Like I'm gonna meet the man of my dreams looking like a hootchie mama, perhaps the man for a night but not a man for the rest of my life!!!!
I simply enjoyed dancing with my friends and sharing a few laughs.

But that's all in the past now...I found my need to frequent bars.

I'm off for shopping and BBQ with my parents...

Hope everyone is having a good weekend....In a bar or not! lol

Yes, I'm kind of a funny girl...
I walk to the beat of my own drum!!
Take care...

Saturday, May 16, 2009

An Eye opener...

Good Morning to all friends...
The weather is so predictable lately. Rain one day, the next day sunny and so on...
I'm guessing this little Frog doesn't mind...

But yet...I'm sure it ain't always easy being green! lol
Yes...I am feeling somewhat comical today.. Life has been good lately.
For the most part, I've been thinking positive for a change. Positivity can only bring us inner peace. Maintaining a positive outlook will certainly make you feel better and help you manage your stress levels.
I am trying to stay away from or should I say DE-clutter myself of people and things whom bring me down. Instead of thinking of the absolute negative outcome/situation I'm reminding myself of all the beauty and blessed things/people whom surround me.
I think we need to do that sometimes. We should recognize all the important things which makes up so happy.
These past few weeks my daughter has met her first real girl/friend. She is a few months older than her and they get along great. She speaks more French as Hope speaks more English. Great way to help each other learn the other language. This has made me so happy because it's her first real pal. Perhaps friends forever! I'm just fumbling with happiness. I'm maybe more happier than she is or realizes.
All of our kids '
FIRSTS' are priceless, are they not?

We asked her friend over for supper a few nights ago and the girls giggled the whole time.
The girls mother informed me later that it was her daughters first time alone at a friends for supper. Everything went well. They laugh and had fun. They played a few board games and sang a few songs in Mama's real microphone, which they had a blast! It was adorable to see them play together. I've looked after other kids and she has girl cousins but this was different.
She made the first step in introducing herself to this girl.

Can you tell I'm a proud Mama!!!

Getting back to riding oneself of negativity! I strongly suggest avoiding people sucking us into a maelstrom because it seems as though one is always swirling around them. I bet we all have a few of those people in our lives. (related or not.) Life is about finding that right person/soul mate and enjoying each others company, love, friendship, mutual admiration and loyalty. Not about being miserable and thinking about those around you, you cannot change. After one failed marriage I'm looking forward to what marriage really has to offer! I'm truly in love with my fiance. And he is definitely the right fit for me. When you find a man whom can make you feel like their is no other in the room but the both of you, I believe it's true love.
  • When you wake up the morning of your wedding thinking....not sure I want to walk down the aisle with this person...You know, you should have called it off....Women really need to follow their intuition.
  • When standing at the alter and the best man can't find your rings...Yet Another sign!!!
  • The next day at the gift opening, if you overhear your 12 yr old cousin saying to the other cousin, that her aunt seems only happy when the new found groom is away, yet another sign of what's to come!
  • When you spend the night of your wedding on the dance floor with your 7 yr old niece dancing without the groom in sight, you know your doomed...

Need I say more.... lol

Life is about having ups and downs, it's about learning from your mistakes... And hopefully not repeating them over and over again! My life is for the better now. I have learnt many things. And I can honestly say I truly met the man I am gonna grow old with. And as for those who perhaps annoy me from time to time, bring it on. I have better things to do with my time than play childish games!

I truly hope everyone has the chance to meet their 'Mister Big', their 'Right fit,' 'The man of your dreams.' Life is truly better when you can share your thoughts and laughs along side of someone whom truly and madly loves you!

Hope everyone is having a great long weekend...Was just checking my mail and remember I started a post on Saturday morning but forgot to post it.... I keep doing so.

Have a fabulous weekend....
Smile someone, somewhere loves you !!

P.S I am truly blessed...this morning when my daughter came to wake me up....
( I could hear the pitter-patter approaching my room as I do every morning!)

Nothing beats that sound in the morning!
She kisses me Good-morning and asks for cereal....

As she is walking out the door I hear her say
I love having a Mom"

I felt at that moment like the luckiest Mom in the world. She's the most kindest, warm-hearted, emotional 3 1'2 yr old girl I've ever known.

As I tell her every night,
"I carry your heart with me, I carry in my heart...."
a terrific line from the poem by ee Cummings
Check it out. Really beautiful poem.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Good Wednesday Everybody!

Hope everyone is having a good week. I'd like to share with you, one of my favorite shows lately. For a few weeks now my fiance and I have been watching this cute show on ABC called 'Cupid.' It's a comedy, involving a man whom believes he's a modern day Cupid despite what his therapist thinks. He truly believes he's the God of love sent to New York to pair couples together and needs 100 couples whom are truly in love to get himself back to Mount Olympus. Sounds weird, but a must see. Before they cancel yet another simple yet cute show.

Today I was subjected to one woman's rants.
I was at a play date with my newly found friend when she mention she had met another women in our area with two kids whom is also looking for a few friends to hang out with as well as find friends for her two boys. The second after she introduced herself, she lite up a smoke and let her frustrations out.
Everyone deserves
to let off some steam now and then and today was hers.

And then it I was listening with such kindness....
I was insulted! She insulted me!

She and my friend were talking about whom she had as a Real Estate Agent and she mentioned her name and then mentioned she was a bigger lady.
Then she looks at me and said: 'I'm sorry...I didn't mean anything bad by that.' I wasn't offended I replied, you weren't talking about me... And well.....I'm OK with being a 'fluffy' women. She then mentioned how she keeps putting her foot in her mouth! I understand she's having a bad and frustrating day but...... Why is it that so often we let people off the hook for speaking before actually thinking about what they are going to say. Sometimes we all say things we regret. We have all had momentary blunders. Words which have spewed from our lips and have a mind of their own.
I know that but....What about those people whom do it on a regular
basis. People whom seem to have diarrhea of the mouth. Do they not need to own up to what they say? Speaking our minds without thinking at times can be damaging. Our tongues seem to hold much more power than perhaps we think. This was the first encounter with this women and sadly enough I'm kind of put off. She may be nice but let's just say our first encounter wasn't the greatest.

Lack of thoughts make people inconsiderate.
I hate it when people find excuses for other people's behaviors. Such as: he/she didn't mean it that way or they perhaps didn't think before they said it or blah, blah, blah!

When should we make them accountable for the things they say? Do I need to keep my mouth shut every time people say stupid stuff around me? Why do I half to be subjected to their thoughtless, random stupidity. I don't have control of what they say...but shouldn't they ??
I know I can choose to stay away from these selected few but what if you can't...perhaps there is no real answer to this rant..but I had to at least share it with you as you may also have had this happen to you!

This is my rant for today....Sorry I forgot to post it yest
I hope your NOT surrounded by people whom merely blunder S*** out of their mouths constantly!

Have a great Thursday! Meet up with you soon!
Today I hope I get more crochet done.....Weathers sucks!


Please leave a comment!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Inner Peace....

What can I say about Mothers Day this year......
I hope you all had a wonderful day!
It was fabulous. The weather not so much but I spent the day with Hope and Allen, need I say more. Throw in my parents and brother to the equation and it was almost perfect! We went to the Tulip Festival, it was very cloudy and somewhat damp....but the tulips are what kept us warm or they did me! They were so beautiful, the colors were radiant. It was like walking in the scene of 'The Wizard of Oz.' I couldn't help but take too many pictures of Hope, Daddy and I.
And they turned out gorgeous!

There is something about coming back each year to the Tulip Festival which brings me great joy! The thought of a mindless day, enjoying each others company and spending quality time with each other is in word: Priceless! What ever we do we just love spending time together. Every morning brings a brand new discovery, and everyday she encounters something new which makes her so cheerful. And in return makes me look at it through her eyes and experience these moments as I perhaps did as a child! Quality time is often more important than quantity. Enjoying these days together away from home, television, computers, bills and abrupt phone calls is more important and something your children will remember in the long run.
I look forward to this special day every year and hopefully for many
years ahead!

When I asked Hope what she lik
ed about this day she replied: the Cotton Candy her Daddy bought her, taking pictures, spending time with her Daddy and I, Meme and Pepe and running after the seagulls and feeding them crackers. She also said she wanted to grow tulips and that
and I quote
'she loved everything with her heart!'

(remember she's only 3 1/2)

As I sit here with overflowing warmth for my daughter, I just want to cry! She honestly says the most priceless things!!! She is a beauty! What more can I say! She gives me an abundance of love everyday. When I hear her call me 'Mama' I just feel warm and fuzzy. I think sometimes we take things to serious, we need to take more time to laugh and play with them and appreciate the small moments we have while our kids are still small and still want to be around us as opposed to when they grow up and are more independent!

Today we may paint some more rocks for the garden, play around the house and just be happy. The weather is sunny and somewhat windy but overall a great looking day.
There is nothing I'd rather be doing then enjoying today with my daughter!
Hope everyone is having a great week!
Hope to hear from ya...

Please leave me comments about your Mother's Day!
Talk soon!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Here's a thought....

Welcome to my GET REAL Posts...
Where I come clean with things that I strongly believe in yet at times to shy or scared to say it out loud! I'm so tired of feeling as though every time someone comes over to my houses it needs to be clean from top to bottom. My house is usually clean but as soon as someone says their coming over I start to panic and wonder what they will say if the house is in disorder. I think it's more me thinking this way but this is how I feel. I'm tired of pondering what people will think.
I believe that at a certain point in your life you need to stop thinking about what others may or may not say and just live your life for yourself. It's good to think of others but you should ultimately consider your feelings first.

If they don't like what they see or if they are always on your case about something perhaps you should re-consider having them apart of your life. I find it hard at times to tell people exactly how I feel about certain situations. In all reality, by staying quiet I believe we inflict more harm on ourselves. It's hard trying to find friends which you and your husband/partner can enjoy spending time with. Either they have older children than yours or no kids.....or your not at the same place in your lives as they are.
Lately, my daughter keeps asking me: What will we do tomorrow? or Aft
er we play this game can we do this? I always reply to her...'Can we just play this game and later we'll think of what we'll do then, live for the now I say!' Yet I don't take my own advice. My fiance is somewhat more laid back then I am. OK...forget the somewhat he is truly more laid back then moi!!!
My problem is that I think too much!!! About everything and anything.
My brother laughs at me...He believes in stepping back, looking at the situation and confronting it head on. He believes in not letting situations consume us. But yet dealing with it, letting it go or else it will control your life. Sometimes I feel stuck in my head. I tend to over an
alyze things way too much and replay it in my head over and over again...til I can figure out the situation better or not! Perhaps this is why I feel at times confused and my insecurities arise.
I read this line somewhere and I can't remember where I found it...
It goes like this:
"Why live your life in your thoughts when you can actually live your life?"

I think us thinkers need to stop thinking so damn much and simply enjoy our lives, and choose too be present in the moment. And not worry about everything around us and just let the chips fall where they may! As my brother would probably say it's about having realistic expectation's. You can't make people love you/ like you the way you want them too.
Forget about trying to always appease people and try pleasing yourself instead.

Happy Friday to you.....

Don't we all love Fridays....
Especially when looking out the window and realizing it may not rain!! I put the dog out and to my surprise it's actually warm out there! Yahooooo Perhaps today Hope can play outside which she sadly missed out on the last two days! :(
I think we may make more painted rocks such as these for the flower garden bed. It's colorful and she had a blast making hers. I wasn't sure if the paint would stay on being that we used paint for wood, glass (acrylic paint for crafts) but to our surprise it stayed on through the rain showers yesterday! So, today she'll definitely want to make more of them. Great way of letting her imagination run wild on the rock surfaces and feeling like she's apart of making the garden look fabulous!

I of coarse had to get in on the fun. The best way to make crafts is having someone right beside you enjoying it as well. Why sit on the sidelines and watch our kids have all the fun, might as well join them. As long as it's not watching another episode of Dora The Explorer or Diego I'm happy...Don't get me wrong, they are excellent cartoons for kids, educational but after watching them over and over again, I don't want to be humming that tune ALL DAY LONG! As I often do. Another is Max and Ruby, OK People...let's be honest...Is Ruby not the bossiest little bunny you've ever seen! I can't stand watching this cartoon yet the message teaches our kids to share and the enjoyment of playing together and not that of being greedy nor selfish. I get it..but no wonder Max never talks, Ruby talks enough for the both of them! And may I ask where their parents are? The grandma makes an appearance once in a while but how old is Ruby that she needs not have supervision? Can you believe there are actually sites devoted to
(I hate max and Ruby) That is hilarious!
And don't get me started on 4Squares or In the night garden....
What the (H-E double hockey sticks) is Macka Packa?? The names are ridiculous and the songs annoying!!
There a
re many I do love watching with Hope such as: Little bear, Franklin, Arthur,
Toopy and Binoo...
Doodlebops, Toot and Puddle, Zigby, Big and Small and so on..

Allen loves to introduce her to the old ones such as The smurfs, Garfield, Alvin and the Chipmunks and the Raccoons which she says she has nightmares of the raccoons! :(
My fiance could watch them every nite if he had the chance. lol
He's still a kid at heart!
I must admit my favorite was the little blue people which lived a simple and harmonious life and battled the scheming Gargamel or as I called him Gargasmell! lol Now these were simple
r cartoons. This is what Hope might say about her kids cartoons as she has kids of her own.

Just had to get that off my chest....

As we approach Sunday...Let me be the first to wish all Mother's a...

I hope you all get treated like the queens we are! Have a great weekend!
And to my very own mother, I love you with all my heart!
You've given me such love and courage.
Courage to go out there and fulfill my life dreams. If I could only be half to mother you've been to me it would certainly be great! Your a terrific mother and my very best friend!
You've been there for me every step of the way and I truly adore you!
You truly are the women I admire the most!

Happy Mother's Day to the greatest Mother Ever!
Luv Always,

P.s Come back soon.......Hopefully I'll have pics from the Tulip Festival..

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hello friends....
Today is somewhat of a gloomy day. The weather has taken yet another nose dive.
Perhaps another good day to keep my crochet flowers going. Hopefully the weather will be nice on Mother's Day. I am anxious to spend the day with my daughter and Allen at the tulip festival on Sunday! Should be fun and a relaxing day!

As I promised here are my two Pet Peeves of the week!

  • My first annoying pet peeve today is hearing people talking badly about people after they die. Yet another of my favorite television stars dies at the golden age of 86. Bea Arthur was a great actress with great spunk, she played such roles as Dorothy Zbornak, from 'The Golden Girls' a middle aged women whom shared a Florida Home with three other vivacious women including her own witted mother. She also played Maude in the television spin-off of ' all in the family.' Her mother on the show 'Sophia' played by Estelle Getty also passed away July 22nd, 2008. Two truly gifted souls. I caught the end of this discussion on a radio program but it was something having to do with Bea Arthur taking something to her grave. And it was the same when Anna Nichole Smith died, the stuff that reporters said about her was terrible. Every time someone dies in Hollywood, they talk badly about them in some way shape or form...Come on people, ever heard of Karma??? What goes around comes around....Can we not just let them rest in peace....I don't know about you but when I make it up there in (heaven) I don't want to be explaining to THE BIG GUY why I was talking trash about dead people!! Why do some feel the need to keep talking badly about them or re-hash the bad things they've done. Just like talking about the tragic accident that took Princess Diana's life, do we need to keep bringing up the accident or conspiracy around her death every year, can we not just celebrate her life and the good she did!! URGG
  • On a lighter note, I dislike people who park too close to your car in parking lots.
Park between your own lines Morons!
  • You should be smart enough to think, that if your parking that close their is a BIG chance that I'm gonna hit your car when trying to open my door. That's how dings and scratches happen! And if you make me climb into the passenger side to get into the drivers out! Check out this site. You can actually buy cards to place on these cars that park to close. Cards that tell them how you feel!! Quite funny!

As a beginner blogger....I'm wondering if there are ever days that you write a post and then think to yourself...yeah, not my greatest post yet....perhaps this is one of mine...
Please feel free to leave me your thoughts....
Have a good day!!!