Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday funnies....

Good Morning Friends.....

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. I myself am ver
y happy this morning. When you open your blog to see another follower it's quite satisfying. It brought a smile to my face. Just wanted to say Thanxs so very much for reading and coming back to hear what I half to say. I hope you always find yourselves chuckling and smiling about some wacky thing I said...or my bad spelling!!

Moving on to my crochet projects....

I've been working on my daughters's seemingly taking forever.

For my very first blanket I didn't take the easiest pattern to follow. But it's challenging and it's keeping me busy. For the time I've already put in it, there is not much to show for...LOL I actually had to walk away from it a few times and forget about it. I kept reading the pattern but nothing was sinking in.
That's a 'tip' for other beginners if it doesn't compute the first time, walk away from the project and come back to it later. After reading it again the next day, I f
igured it out. At least I think I'm doing it right. I could be completely doing it wrong but it looks good and that's what counts...
I'm also having nightmares lately about finishing her blanket, washing it in the washer and dryer and it unravelling/coming apart! AHHHHHHHHHHHH
I would be completely devastated and discouraged from picking up a needle again!!
I am already eyeing another blanket to make, much simpler, I believe. Just a simple zigzag Afghan with a few colors. But for now back to the first blanket at hand, and Only 106 more squares to make... AHHHH

This weekend was my brother's 40th birthday, we celebrated it by going to
Lonestar and followed it by going upstairs to hear a great band called' Rusty' whom I believe where from Montreal. They were awesome. They covered 70 and 80's cover songs. We had lots of fun. We were about 16 people, mostly family. The Bar scene hasn't changed a bit nor will it ever....I think the last time I stepped in a bar was over
4 years ago now...I actually felt out of place. It was fun being there with my parents, brother and cousins. It was even more hilarious watching the line of men beside the dance floor ogling the women dancing. Men are a weird species.

My mom made a comment that just the women were dancing while the men were watching. I had to laugh, than said it's not like back in your day when the dance floor was a Rockin' with everyone dancing men/women! Now a days, you see the men drinking their drinks and trying to calculate which women they are going to hit on and which women they are going to laugh at.
Their always seems to be that group of men whom think they are God's gift to women. Yet are nothing to write home about. One of the guys was all-dressed up like a cowboy, hat and boots and all. He was having a great time dancing all by himself(not on the da
nce floor) but beside his buddies. He was too funny. We all had a good laugh.

On the dance floor their was a girl dancing to Shakira, and WOW she was even dressed like her. But her clothes were just a tad way tooooo small. Let's just say their were things that were jiggling that even I didn't want to see.
You find all kinds of people at a bar. I shouldn't be laughing at them because they looked like they were having fun but......come was funny and I after a few drinks it see
ms that much more hilarious. My fiance pointed out a girl dressed somewhat like Dorothy from the Wizard of OZ, until she started dirty dancing with her partner... :)
On the way home, I told Allen that I had a great nite, but going to a bar regularly just wasn't my thing. Been there, done that a while back, not interested anymore. On top of which, my finance doesn't like to dance, only if it's a slow dance so how fun is that.
I guess I never was too much into the bar scene. They simply drove me nuts...My friends would get all dolled up, cake on the make-up, and wear their tops which showed the most cleavage. I hated that ritual with a passion. Yes, I also got dressed up but I didn't want to let m
y girls hang out(I'm referring to my boobs).
Like I'm gonna meet the man of my dreams looking like a hootchie mama, perhaps the man for a night but not a man for the rest of my life!!!!
I simply enjoyed dancing with my friends and sharing a few laughs.

But that's all in the past now...I found my need to frequent bars.

I'm off for shopping and BBQ with my parents...

Hope everyone is having a good weekend....In a bar or not! lol

Yes, I'm kind of a funny girl...
I walk to the beat of my own drum!!
Take care...

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  1. I always enjoy stopping buy and reading some light hearted, or should I say headed words. Nice handwork also. Have a blessed day