Saturday, May 16, 2009

An Eye opener...

Good Morning to all friends...
The weather is so predictable lately. Rain one day, the next day sunny and so on...
I'm guessing this little Frog doesn't mind...

But yet...I'm sure it ain't always easy being green! lol
Yes...I am feeling somewhat comical today.. Life has been good lately.
For the most part, I've been thinking positive for a change. Positivity can only bring us inner peace. Maintaining a positive outlook will certainly make you feel better and help you manage your stress levels.
I am trying to stay away from or should I say DE-clutter myself of people and things whom bring me down. Instead of thinking of the absolute negative outcome/situation I'm reminding myself of all the beauty and blessed things/people whom surround me.
I think we need to do that sometimes. We should recognize all the important things which makes up so happy.
These past few weeks my daughter has met her first real girl/friend. She is a few months older than her and they get along great. She speaks more French as Hope speaks more English. Great way to help each other learn the other language. This has made me so happy because it's her first real pal. Perhaps friends forever! I'm just fumbling with happiness. I'm maybe more happier than she is or realizes.
All of our kids '
FIRSTS' are priceless, are they not?

We asked her friend over for supper a few nights ago and the girls giggled the whole time.
The girls mother informed me later that it was her daughters first time alone at a friends for supper. Everything went well. They laugh and had fun. They played a few board games and sang a few songs in Mama's real microphone, which they had a blast! It was adorable to see them play together. I've looked after other kids and she has girl cousins but this was different.
She made the first step in introducing herself to this girl.

Can you tell I'm a proud Mama!!!

Getting back to riding oneself of negativity! I strongly suggest avoiding people sucking us into a maelstrom because it seems as though one is always swirling around them. I bet we all have a few of those people in our lives. (related or not.) Life is about finding that right person/soul mate and enjoying each others company, love, friendship, mutual admiration and loyalty. Not about being miserable and thinking about those around you, you cannot change. After one failed marriage I'm looking forward to what marriage really has to offer! I'm truly in love with my fiance. And he is definitely the right fit for me. When you find a man whom can make you feel like their is no other in the room but the both of you, I believe it's true love.
  • When you wake up the morning of your wedding thinking....not sure I want to walk down the aisle with this person...You know, you should have called it off....Women really need to follow their intuition.
  • When standing at the alter and the best man can't find your rings...Yet Another sign!!!
  • The next day at the gift opening, if you overhear your 12 yr old cousin saying to the other cousin, that her aunt seems only happy when the new found groom is away, yet another sign of what's to come!
  • When you spend the night of your wedding on the dance floor with your 7 yr old niece dancing without the groom in sight, you know your doomed...

Need I say more.... lol

Life is about having ups and downs, it's about learning from your mistakes... And hopefully not repeating them over and over again! My life is for the better now. I have learnt many things. And I can honestly say I truly met the man I am gonna grow old with. And as for those who perhaps annoy me from time to time, bring it on. I have better things to do with my time than play childish games!

I truly hope everyone has the chance to meet their 'Mister Big', their 'Right fit,' 'The man of your dreams.' Life is truly better when you can share your thoughts and laughs along side of someone whom truly and madly loves you!

Hope everyone is having a great long weekend...Was just checking my mail and remember I started a post on Saturday morning but forgot to post it.... I keep doing so.

Have a fabulous weekend....
Smile someone, somewhere loves you !!

P.S I am truly blessed...this morning when my daughter came to wake me up....
( I could hear the pitter-patter approaching my room as I do every morning!)

Nothing beats that sound in the morning!
She kisses me Good-morning and asks for cereal....

As she is walking out the door I hear her say
I love having a Mom"

I felt at that moment like the luckiest Mom in the world. She's the most kindest, warm-hearted, emotional 3 1'2 yr old girl I've ever known.

As I tell her every night,
"I carry your heart with me, I carry in my heart...."
a terrific line from the poem by ee Cummings
Check it out. Really beautiful poem.


  1. Very neat on your daughters first friend. She will have so many great memories. I still remember my first friend. Aww memories!

    I also love your positive outake. Last year I decluttered my friend list. becase I had a couple that were bringing me down.

    Have a great day

  2. I have worked really hard at not letting things get me down and you are right, when I do that I am happier and more blessed. I see the love of people around me.

    I decided a while back not to spend time with those who bleed me to death. I focus on others that bring me peace. God Bless