Friday, May 8, 2009

Here's a thought....

Welcome to my GET REAL Posts...
Where I come clean with things that I strongly believe in yet at times to shy or scared to say it out loud! I'm so tired of feeling as though every time someone comes over to my houses it needs to be clean from top to bottom. My house is usually clean but as soon as someone says their coming over I start to panic and wonder what they will say if the house is in disorder. I think it's more me thinking this way but this is how I feel. I'm tired of pondering what people will think.
I believe that at a certain point in your life you need to stop thinking about what others may or may not say and just live your life for yourself. It's good to think of others but you should ultimately consider your feelings first.

If they don't like what they see or if they are always on your case about something perhaps you should re-consider having them apart of your life. I find it hard at times to tell people exactly how I feel about certain situations. In all reality, by staying quiet I believe we inflict more harm on ourselves. It's hard trying to find friends which you and your husband/partner can enjoy spending time with. Either they have older children than yours or no kids.....or your not at the same place in your lives as they are.
Lately, my daughter keeps asking me: What will we do tomorrow? or Aft
er we play this game can we do this? I always reply to her...'Can we just play this game and later we'll think of what we'll do then, live for the now I say!' Yet I don't take my own advice. My fiance is somewhat more laid back then I am. OK...forget the somewhat he is truly more laid back then moi!!!
My problem is that I think too much!!! About everything and anything.
My brother laughs at me...He believes in stepping back, looking at the situation and confronting it head on. He believes in not letting situations consume us. But yet dealing with it, letting it go or else it will control your life. Sometimes I feel stuck in my head. I tend to over an
alyze things way too much and replay it in my head over and over again...til I can figure out the situation better or not! Perhaps this is why I feel at times confused and my insecurities arise.
I read this line somewhere and I can't remember where I found it...
It goes like this:
"Why live your life in your thoughts when you can actually live your life?"

I think us thinkers need to stop thinking so damn much and simply enjoy our lives, and choose too be present in the moment. And not worry about everything around us and just let the chips fall where they may! As my brother would probably say it's about having realistic expectation's. You can't make people love you/ like you the way you want them too.
Forget about trying to always appease people and try pleasing yourself instead.

Happy Friday to you.....

Don't we all love Fridays....
Especially when looking out the window and realizing it may not rain!! I put the dog out and to my surprise it's actually warm out there! Yahooooo Perhaps today Hope can play outside which she sadly missed out on the last two days! :(
I think we may make more painted rocks such as these for the flower garden bed. It's colorful and she had a blast making hers. I wasn't sure if the paint would stay on being that we used paint for wood, glass (acrylic paint for crafts) but to our surprise it stayed on through the rain showers yesterday! So, today she'll definitely want to make more of them. Great way of letting her imagination run wild on the rock surfaces and feeling like she's apart of making the garden look fabulous!

I of coarse had to get in on the fun. The best way to make crafts is having someone right beside you enjoying it as well. Why sit on the sidelines and watch our kids have all the fun, might as well join them. As long as it's not watching another episode of Dora The Explorer or Diego I'm happy...Don't get me wrong, they are excellent cartoons for kids, educational but after watching them over and over again, I don't want to be humming that tune ALL DAY LONG! As I often do. Another is Max and Ruby, OK People...let's be honest...Is Ruby not the bossiest little bunny you've ever seen! I can't stand watching this cartoon yet the message teaches our kids to share and the enjoyment of playing together and not that of being greedy nor selfish. I get it..but no wonder Max never talks, Ruby talks enough for the both of them! And may I ask where their parents are? The grandma makes an appearance once in a while but how old is Ruby that she needs not have supervision? Can you believe there are actually sites devoted to
(I hate max and Ruby) That is hilarious!
And don't get me started on 4Squares or In the night garden....
What the (H-E double hockey sticks) is Macka Packa?? The names are ridiculous and the songs annoying!!
There a
re many I do love watching with Hope such as: Little bear, Franklin, Arthur,
Toopy and Binoo...
Doodlebops, Toot and Puddle, Zigby, Big and Small and so on..

Allen loves to introduce her to the old ones such as The smurfs, Garfield, Alvin and the Chipmunks and the Raccoons which she says she has nightmares of the raccoons! :(
My fiance could watch them every nite if he had the chance. lol
He's still a kid at heart!
I must admit my favorite was the little blue people which lived a simple and harmonious life and battled the scheming Gargamel or as I called him Gargasmell! lol Now these were simple
r cartoons. This is what Hope might say about her kids cartoons as she has kids of her own.

Just had to get that off my chest....

As we approach Sunday...Let me be the first to wish all Mother's a...

I hope you all get treated like the queens we are! Have a great weekend!
And to my very own mother, I love you with all my heart!
You've given me such love and courage.
Courage to go out there and fulfill my life dreams. If I could only be half to mother you've been to me it would certainly be great! Your a terrific mother and my very best friend!
You've been there for me every step of the way and I truly adore you!
You truly are the women I admire the most!

Happy Mother's Day to the greatest Mother Ever!
Luv Always,

P.s Come back soon.......Hopefully I'll have pics from the Tulip Festival..