Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Inner Peace....

What can I say about Mothers Day this year......
I hope you all had a wonderful day!
It was fabulous. The weather not so much but I spent the day with Hope and Allen, need I say more. Throw in my parents and brother to the equation and it was almost perfect! We went to the Tulip Festival, it was very cloudy and somewhat damp....but the tulips are what kept us warm or they did me! They were so beautiful, the colors were radiant. It was like walking in the scene of 'The Wizard of Oz.' I couldn't help but take too many pictures of Hope, Daddy and I.
And they turned out gorgeous!

There is something about coming back each year to the Tulip Festival which brings me great joy! The thought of a mindless day, enjoying each others company and spending quality time with each other is in word: Priceless! What ever we do we just love spending time together. Every morning brings a brand new discovery, and everyday she encounters something new which makes her so cheerful. And in return makes me look at it through her eyes and experience these moments as I perhaps did as a child! Quality time is often more important than quantity. Enjoying these days together away from home, television, computers, bills and abrupt phone calls is more important and something your children will remember in the long run.
I look forward to this special day every year and hopefully for many
years ahead!

When I asked Hope what she lik
ed about this day she replied: the Cotton Candy her Daddy bought her, taking pictures, spending time with her Daddy and I, Meme and Pepe and running after the seagulls and feeding them crackers. She also said she wanted to grow tulips and that
and I quote
'she loved everything with her heart!'

(remember she's only 3 1/2)

As I sit here with overflowing warmth for my daughter, I just want to cry! She honestly says the most priceless things!!! She is a beauty! What more can I say! She gives me an abundance of love everyday. When I hear her call me 'Mama' I just feel warm and fuzzy. I think sometimes we take things to serious, we need to take more time to laugh and play with them and appreciate the small moments we have while our kids are still small and still want to be around us as opposed to when they grow up and are more independent!

Today we may paint some more rocks for the garden, play around the house and just be happy. The weather is sunny and somewhat windy but overall a great looking day.
There is nothing I'd rather be doing then enjoying today with my daughter!
Hope everyone is having a great week!
Hope to hear from ya...

Please leave me comments about your Mother's Day!
Talk soon!

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