Saturday, July 18, 2009

As I was spending time with my daughter I decided to ask her a few questions and see how she would respond..... Kids are very honest and way too funny at times!!

1. What does Mama like? Mama likes banana, cashew(new baby) and Daddy and I will fall in love with the new baby, you love me and Meme and Pepe.

2.What does Mama always say to you?
I love you around the moon and back again, I carry your heart with me, I carry it my heart!

3.How does Mama make you laugh?
You make funny faces(as she is putting her fingers in her mouth and making noise) I tickle her.

4.How old is Mama?
Mama is 17 she said. hahahahaha
( At 17, I was definitely not thinking about having kids!!

5.What is Mama's favorite food?
Carrots, banana, Corn pops-yuck!, Yogurt, Apples.

6. What is Mama good at?
Making crafts..(Good One Hope) playing with her, tickling her, making popcorn for her, making pin-wheels and making little things, that's it, she says!

7. What does Mama not like?
I don't like crying, I don't like it when Hope's mad.

8. What does Mama do for a job?
Making things, a Rescue Hero! ( kewl, Hopey) haha

9. Who does Mama love the most? Daddy and Me.

10. What do you want to do the most with Mama?
Do my numbers and alphabet! lol

11. Mama's favorite color? Purple, without a blink she replied.

12. Mama's favorite flower? Purple flower... lol

Remember, she's only three 1/2 yrs old..... lol
This was funny..
If you have time, interview your kids....

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