Saturday, July 4, 2009

Good afternoon all...........

Today I feel like crap to be honest with you....Being pregnant has been wonderful....Not feeling as nauseous and feeling actually okay these days....except for this darn cold I got...and can't seem to make it go away...I've been steaming myself but still not feeling well..... I babysat all week and perhaps that wasn't' the best thing for me. Sadly enough kids don't understand what it means when you tell them YOUR sick and need some quiet time... AHHHH And it seems as though your partner is never around to help you when YOUR sick as opposed to when their sick and they act like their life is coming to an end.... lol
As mom's I guess we half to suck it up and go on. Take it like a MAN....I mean like a WOmen!! lol
House work needs to be done but I'm procrastinating today...I did get the vacuuming done but that's about it...Weather doesn't's been raining on and off all day and strong winds...

It's pretty much a lazy day all around!

Hope all is well with you...wherever you are!

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