Saturday, June 6, 2009

Good Morning Friends....

Hope all is well..... It seems as though if I'm not wishing for more sleep...I'm waking up in the morning with Allen before he goes to work and I'm suddenly awake...Was awake at 5:45 this morning and I couldn't fall back asleep... AHHH Was also not quite sure what to do with myself to be honest...DO I cross-stitch? Well, my eyes are still somewhat shut...DO I crochet? Well, I haven't been in a mood too lately. I think I've reached the....Oh! my God I need to make a baby blanket, finish Hope's blanket, cross-stitch a picture for the new baby...I'm simply feeling overwhelmed within my crafts... lol

This early-morning, I am however enjoying the peace
and quiet....I am probably going to hear my favorite sound in the morning, that of pitter-patter from my lovely daughter. She is all excited and ready for today, her Pepe is bringing her to the fair. She loves the strawberry-go ride. And she keeps asking if she can go on the Ferris wheel..Not sure 'bout that one!! But we'll see when we get there I said.
For the last few nights, Allen's been complaining about constant heartburn he's been having. I've been kinda laughing at him until two nites ago when I got it...and it hasn't left. I guess I shouldn't have laughed at him because it came around and bit me in the @ss..

I keep forgetting to posts my postings..... It comes with being pregnant.... ya that's right!.... you got a problem with that!!! hahahaha

Saturday turned out to be really great. We did take Hope to the fair. And she had a blast. She loves the strawberry go-round, the bees ride, the trucks and the swings that go up and down.

We bought her a bracelet for the day and she rode the rides many a times. We were waiting in line for one and this little girl comes up to her and asks if she could join us. It was sooo cute. Hopes face just lite up. From that moment on, the two sisters and Hope were going on all the rides together and holding hands. Kids are so cute at that age, so innocent and friendly. lol
As we were riding the carousel, which was next to the Ferris wheel she told me she liked the carousel just fine and didn't express the want to go on that ride! lol She had a blast. It's such a great joy looking at your kids experience such simple pleasures in life. She was so happy to have found some new friends. Sadly enough, she doesn't understand why she never seems them again. I think it really bothers her. I'm not afraid to say, my daughters got a heart of gold. She's a kindhearted girl.
She also fell asleep pretty quickly that did Mama.
Today, we pretty much puttered around the house.
Mama is still tired but not so queasy today....thank God!!

Enough for me tonite.....Hope all of you had a great weekend...
Hope your all staying out of trouble....
Take care...
Enjoy the great weathe

p.s I don't care how old you are......cotton candy will always taste great!!

tata 4 now...

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