Monday, June 1, 2009

Good Morning Monday....

Hope everyone had a good weekend....I surely did.
As you may or may not know..I did mention in a few posts back that I had I secret...Well...
I'm Pregnant!

This will be me in a few months...Yahooo
I'm about 5 weeks now...still waiting for my doctors appointment. But feeling all the usual symptoms from: night time nausea, fatigue and not the usual fatigue of every day duties and work but the kind of fatigue that you can't seem to have any get up and go what so ever. I'm experiencing those crazy pregnancy headaches and let's not forget soar breasts. Ladies my breasts could cut like a knife right about now...And if any one dares touch them watch out.
I will unleash the beast on

I wanted a different way of telling our parents that we were expecting. So Hope and I made a T-shirt. She was so happy. She wrote her name all by herself.

You can't really see it well....But it says Big Sister to BEE ( picture of a bee) We picked her favorite color and went from there. It makes her feel involved and makes me proud that she's taking such an interest. When Daddy and I told her she was going to be a Big Sister She was kind of upset because she said SHE wanted to have a baby! lol
How adorable is that!
So every day she asks me if I'm still pregnant. And She wants to know when he/she is coming. I told her after Christmas.

We went for a Sunday drive together and ended up doing some shopping. At the cash she asked me if she could tell the teller we were having a baby. I smiled and said it would be alright. She was so proud to tell her. Hope found a rattle for the new baby and wanted to buy it, so we gave in.....I want her to feel fully involved in this special time. I think it's important.

So as you can see this weekend was great...And I'm feeling great....This is the best news... We couldn't be any happier.

Life seems to bless you with all these great blessings at different times in our lives.
I am blessed that it happened so quickly..We've only been trying since February, I believe.
I am also lucky because my fiance loves my pregnant glow.
We also did the: 'let's take two pregnancy tests to make sure.' lol
After a few seconds of waiting we jumped up and down and of coarse I started to cry!

Let the countdown begin.....
Thanxs again for stopping by.....
Talk to you soon!

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