Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Remembering spring and summer...

Good morning all....

The weather has been quite lovely outside, a bit windy but other than that, let the sun shine in! Winter is fast fading away and spring is just around the corner...I can't wait to see my little garden..Seeing as though, I was pregnant last summer...and quite tired and not myself at times...I kind of went a little cut crazy (shall I say) in the garden...at the end of the summer season..I wasn't quite sure what to trim, cut or pull out....so I am hoping I did not destroy the work the previous owners did...because it was somewhat lovely!!! As I think ahead I am reminded of all the beauty spring and summer has to offer...the scent of beautiful flowers, singing birds,the smell of fresh cut grass, watching my daughter plash in the pool and much much more.

Two summers ago we received a riding lawn mower..
Ladies if you've never tried it...don't knock it...I find it somewhat therapeutic. The first time we it put on...I asked Allen if I could try it...and from then on except for last summer...(which he was thankful for) I would ask to drive it...he would watch our daughter and it would give me time alone....solitude..a place where I was alone in my head....sometimes I would belt out tunes with my walk man...(which I always hoped my neighbours couldn't hear...yet if they could who cares..I'm in my own yard anyways) hahaha

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