Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A chuckle for Tuesday...

They say that breastfeeding is a real joy for mother and baby...A real bonding experience. Some say there is nothing in the world more wonderful than breastfeeding your baby. Sure..I believe it to be.. It's also absolutely convenient for the child. You can (BF) almost anywhere these days. It's said to be the best milk. It is full of antibodies that protect babies from illnesses and yr milk supposedly has the exact amount of nutrients your baby needs.

Your MILK is always at room temperature. :)

Never too cold or wayyy to hot.
It's always on hand. Never runs dry.
You never half to look tooo far for it. :)
No waking up in the middle of the nite to make formula..or wash the bottles....or boil the nipples...and hear your baby screaming or crying because he can't wait for you to feed him.
You don't need to spend much tooo much money on bottles, formula, nipples, plastic refills for certain bottles.
No need to cram all these things in your tiny diaper bag either!!!! And forget them anywhere...

These are all great reasons to breastfeed!!!!

But OMG.......
I Soooooo didn't think it would be Soooooo painful to begin with....And I don't mean painful where I want to hang my husband...no,no, no...just a lot of discomfort!!!
Shit!!! WHo am I kidding! Let's be honest...Your first tries are freaken painful...Your not quite sure what to do...How to hold him..they explain how to hold him and various positions like the football hold...WHAT the F@#$......football hold? Then there's the side lying position..which I personally thought I would squish him to pieces...LOL It's quite the learning experience. Then there's the issue of de-clothing him while feeding him...Yeah, like I'm gonna undress him, every time I feed him...And some times..your child may even look like his playing ninja with your boobs..or even motioning that he doesn't want anything to do with them...

Did I forget to mention how
Awkward it is!!! Then...as your getting used to it...that is your baby (NO NOT YOUR MAN) ( hahaha) latching on to your breast EVERY FEW hours...you learn about blocked ducts, mastitis, engorgement...
Like OMG..
Then I was totally concerned with...is he feeding enough? Which Boob did I give him last..Why does he seem to favor one Boob rather than the other? Is there chocolate milk in one and not the other? hahaha Does one look cuter than the other? hahaha

And we all know about leakage....Yes ladies.. leakage...I don't know how many tops I go through in a day...at home...if I don't feel like wearing a bra...and on occasion this is indeed the case...let's be honest who in their right mind wants to wear a freaken over the boulder holder shoulder as some men like to call them all day long???

All in all....breastfeeding is a challenge...
But if you stick to it as a clever friend once told me...you'll get the hang of it...
You may even laugh about it at times...
When your nipples are hurting you all day long... or simply when you brush against them during the day ! hahahaha

Best advice I can give is:
Try to relax a bit...it will eventually become better.
Don't read everything online about Breastfeeding...it will freak u right out!
It's not rocket science..if he seems to be making swallowing sounds...your good!!
If you want a good laugh go visit this site..
and watch the clip....

Ta ta for now....Hope I kept you amused if only for a few minutes...
take care...
Keep up the milking!!!

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  1. I am nursing baby number six ... when baby number 1 was born I was not planning on nursing ... I had never known anyone who nursed their babies. But I am so glad ... I laughed at your post because yes you are right, it is challenging, painful and all those things but you are also right that it will get easier.