Sunday, March 7, 2010

I'm back....and I'm ready to talk...vent and share some more of my life's going-ons.

I had my baby a few months ago...and everything went a matter of fact things couldn't of went any better...I am proud to say I have a healthy baby boy...and he's very handsome!! He's been keeping us on our toes! I feel awfully blessed!
Life is so amazing when you are surrounded by your little ones. It's a good feeling. Kids remind you of how simple life should be even though at times we forget. Most often, we think life is so hard, when in all actuality if your surrounded by compassionate, loving and kind-hearted family and friends we should want for no more. It saddens me that at times it's friends whom show more kindness than certain families members! I am lucky to have friends whom really support and love myself and my family. During my pregnancy, this couple whom live down from us have really showered us with kindness. Sometimes, life throws us or puts in contact with people whom are admirable and considerate. If you've ever watched (Kings of Queens) Allen and I feel lucky because (Doug and Carrie) always go on...on how it's hard to find couples whom both couples like's too funny...But if you really think of's hard to find other couples in similar situations as you.
The one thing I don't understand is why some choose to immerse themselves in the lives of their friends rather than their own family!
It's nice to have people around you whom want to see the best for you.
Allen and I couldn't be is sweet when you let it. I still after 7 years feel I am with the man of my dreams...even though at times I want to ring his neck...gently.. haha
As I mentioned in my posts earlier on...women can seem to juggle more things at a times then men!! For example...I can..HOLD the baby...KEEP his soother in his mouth...MAKE supper...STIR the noodles...WHILE explaining to my daughter why supper may be a little late...meanwhile her father is outside s-l-o-w-l-y making his way inside from talking to our neighbour...whom should of also been home helping his respected other.. haha
AGAIN...sorry for my rambling...I do love my run-on sentences...
I tend to want to write too fast and then forget to breath!!!
(hope that made sense) hahaha
I did get much flack for that in high school. LoL
Well......that's it for now.....
This blog only took me a few hours to
Two kids=less time for ourselves.....
tlk soon...
Remember to be good to yourself!

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