Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesdays Thoughts.....

Welcome again....Hope all is well with you!
her is gloomy and I'm feeling kinda lost in my thoughts today! Pondering the why's and why not's. Wondering how some people can be so clueless and at times down right cold. Do you ever have those days or moments. I sometimes don't understand how some people rational things in their minds and their completely of the mark. I do believe we hurt ourselves by being to emotional and hearts dangling on our sleeves. Should we always be the better person and just ignore our hurt feelings? We cannot make others love us the way we want or need them too and it's heard when you just don't know how to overcome such feelings of distraught.

I'm quite lucky I have found the perfect man, that is the perfect man for me. He is all I've ever dreamed of. A man who is un-selfish, loving, caring, funny, passionate and extremely understanding to a fault. Life seems so much better when the person standing beside you is on your side, not behind or ahead but beside you. It's great when you can go for a Sunday drive with each other and find pleasure and comfort knowing he's the one who shares your hopes and dreams, your secrets and knows some of your annoying habits yet would still rather be no places else then right beside you! My heart flows with unconditional love each time I see him walk in the house from a days work, or when he's standing across the room and he winks at me. Every morning, for over5 years, before he leaves from work, he kisses my forehead goodbye. These little things we do for each other are so simple yet I believe captured moments such as these should be treasure and never taken for granted. We only have one life and therefore should cherish every moment, simple or Grand. I enjoy reminiscing with my husband about the first few days we met because I believe it was the start of our long love affair and it reminds us why we fell in love with each other. Those days a far gone yet I remember how he made me feel that night. I remember exactly how I felt when he caressed my face and when we shared our first kiss. He is part of why my life feels so enriched and full of love.

The second part of my life which brings me such joy is my beautiful daughter whom fills me with such happiness everyday! To know her is to love her. Hope is a wonderful child with a bright future ahead of her. She is my very own bright star. She is ever so kind, passionate as well as compassionate, she's funny, intelligent and we have such great moments together. Mother and daughter bonds are strong. Being a new mother and having your own daughter is one of the most enriching experiences in a women's life. How do you describe the love you feel for your child. The moment you lay eyes on your new baby, it's love at first sight. And the love grows stronger each day. Sometimes I catch myself looking at her and I have a glimpse of how I was as a child. You look into their eyes and see so much love and innocence which at times saddens me because I feel as thought at times I have lost that innocence and the pure pleasure of simple things. But somehow in each new adventure/achievement she comes across I feel her joy and it reawakens me to the beauty in the ordinary all over again. I think at times we often watch our kids from the sidelines instead of joining them such as running in the grass with no shoes, running through puddles, blowing bubbles and so forth.

I think at times we all have days that we feel a little down but if you look around I'm sure their is always someone close for whom can make you smile such as your husband/kids/family. Life is full of ups and downs but it's what you make of it that can help you grow stronger!

I hope everyone is having a great start to the week....
Hope love is never that far from you...
Smile knowing there is someone, somewhere thinking of you!
See you soon!

If your in the mood for a great listen...Check out this talented man, I just heard of him yesterday and I think he's a brilliant piano player. Very full of emotion.
His name is Yiruma, the song is 'River Flows In You', it's fantastic!
He's on 'You Tube'

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