Sunday, April 19, 2009

Addicted to granny Squares....

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. I myself have a confession....
Please bare with me in my moment of weakness!! lol
I have found myself addicted to granny Squares! They are so easy to make in such little time. And I am finding out that you can make almost anything and everything with them. I have found Granny Square hand bags, purses, scarfs, quilt like blankets, hats and much more. As I am still a new to crochet, all of these things are simply making me smile and marvel at the endless wonders of possibilities. I am also finding it hard to figure out what to make next.
Is this common to Neebies or all crochet enthusiasts?

So, I recently found a great site which explains photo by photo how to make these lovely squares...

As I mentioned earlier on, I actually learnt crochet from ' You tube.' You can learn how to practically make every stitch on your time and the good thing is the pause button and What a great way to spend your time making these squares. Not sure if I'll get tired of doing them soon! I've also learnt through trial and error, you learn more things and simply get better at watching for your mistakes. And it's really easy to unravel and start over again. It's not something that makes me lose my patience and get frustrated!!

Did you recently hear about the 98 yrs old lady who had to endure 30 some hours underneath her collapsed house? My heart goes out to Italy's Earthquake fam
ilies and survivors. When asked what she did to pass the time she mentioned how she did crochet. Hook in one hand and wool in the other! People of all ages like to crochet. I am just sad that I wasn't introduced to this wonderful art earlier. I keep searching for new patterns yet still haven't begun to finish my project at hand!

As a beginner, I am wishing for the day, I have an abundance of yarn in a large container/basket!

Perhaps this will come true soon enough!! I am presently in the middle of making my very first Granny Square blanket. I feel so proud of myself. And I am secretly enjoying creating stackes of squares and counting them as the pile gets higher and higher, as is Hope, she enjoys placing them on the table and counting them over and over again. Just this morning she said: Mama great job! these are pretty!
These squares are quite easy for beginners rather than trying your hand at a blanket which I have been trying to figure out for a few weeks. I have also found that if you ask people question about their patterns they usually reply. This community of crochet enthusiast is quite helpfull. This is my star I've been trying to enlarge with no luck!!
Perhaps I should pray to the star Gods! lol

I wish I could figure it out but when I attempt to make it bigger, the six points then to curl up. I'm not sure why. I've tried unravelling it and trying what the lady told me to try but no such luck! I really love stars so I thought I would make this my first blanket. Ya, not gonna happen, for now!! My granny Square blanket is going well so I will be happy to see it done soon! Perhaps it's the yarn I'm using or the size of the hook...I'll try finding another pattern!

Back to my Super addictive squares.....
these are a few more squares I have made while watching television with my fiance, Allen. He finds it funny watching me crochet and enjoyit as much as I do...But he knows how much I enjoy all types of crafts. It started as an innocent past time, something to do instead of stuffing my mouth at night...and now I wouldn't mind seeing crochet all around the house! I keep finding cool patterns to make, such as a star scarf, reversible swiffer sock, camera pouch, great colourful bag....I am hooked!!

I was anxious of getting a summer blanket together but when I went to buy yarn I simply bought any color that I liked because I didn't know what I really wanted to make at that point and time. So sadly enough, (yeah right! I'm jumping with joy!)I will need to get back to the store to buy more summer colors: yellow, red , orange, light blue, greens...Any excuse to go back to the yarn store and buy more yarn is a good thing! It 's kind of funny that all the squares above are of the same pattern yet look somewhat different. And I thought at first that I would only be able to make a few square with only four colors yet their are many possibilities to change up every square.... I'm learning things everyday!

And as I mentioned earlier, never waste your project or give up! Before unravelling your project see what else you could make with it. Even though my star blanket is at a hault, I thought of making a few more of the stars, attaching them and possibly hanging them up in my daughters room, as she also likes stars. That's my tip of the day!

I recently had a good laugh, I kept reading about people de-frogging their crochet projects and for the life of me couldn't figure out what they were talking about...until I did some research of my own... (haha)
Frogging is simply that of taking your crochet project apart and fixing your mistakes... You simply 'rip it- rip it'... (Get it)
Here's a good joke for ya....
Crochet is a hobby which is very satisfying and relaxing and keeps you Going...Sadly enough for your husband it keeps you going to Walmart, Going to Zellers, Going to Micheals, Going to your favorite yarn store!!!!

Hope you have a great week.... See you soon... Remember take time to crochet at least one Granny Square....

I will apologize now for my spelling mistakes..and my overuse of (............) and change of color text...I love colors...
No one is perfect ! hahaha

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