Sunday, April 19, 2009


What happened last night.....

I had a real bad feeling after the first game between the Habs and Boston... After that first Boston goal, I knew this would be a somewhat not-that-great series to watch for the Habs!
Bruins now take the series 2-0! Can they regroup and make a come back? A win last night would
have certainly given the team some momentum going back to their hometown. It would be nice to hear the chanting of Na-na-na, Na-na-na, Hey hey hey goodbye to the bruins at least once in this series! The Habs need to start playing their own game and not Boston's brand of hockey. The second period is when you started seeing every go south. And the third period, we'll put it this way I was television surfing...I was that annoyed. In the next game they'd better come out swinging, I want to see them use their speed and DEFENSE!!!!
They fought hard enough to get in the playoffs, might as well show some HEART!! Come on now, they need to play like a team who wants to win!!

That's pretty much all I will say on this topic... :(
Hope your having a great start to Sunday!
Here the sun is shinning....

My daughter is even starting to enjoy watching hockey...
OK, I know she's only three and only sits there for a few minutes but I will make her a fan someday, little by little!! lol
The only problem whom will she cheer for my team or her fathers (the sens)??
Only time will tell....Watch her not like hockey at all....

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