Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Beware of Smileys....

It's another gloomy day here. As we all know the weather at this time of year is ever so changing, warm and hot one day and cold and rainy the next. The past little while is no exception. My daughter is enjoying our movie matinees in the afternoon. Yesterday was Beauty in the Beast and today she chose Tinkerbell. We cuddle up on the couch with blankets and share popcorn. We have yet to bring her to the movies..I'm not sure how she will fare at the movies, sitting in a seat for an hour or so, being 3 1/2 and all but perhaps this summer we'll try. A few nights ago my fiance painted my toe nails (I know, I'm spoiled by my fiance) and she noticed them yesterday. She asked if her Daddy could do her nails too. It was quite funny, but Daddy said yes and she was sooo happy. Again small things make them so happy at times. Another special Daddy and daughter moment. Like I tell my fiance (I keep going back and forth calling him my we need to cherish these small moments because as they grow up they become more independent and these moments shared are far and few between....Or are they really? I still share special moments with my parents, yet I guess not as many precious one as I was smaller....
I shall now give you more pet peeves of mine... (feel free to send me yours and I'll incorporate them with mine)

My first one is Jeans....I don't understand why clothing designers make jeans that are so long in the legs. My legs are short and all my jeans always need to be shortened. And after buying expensive jeans because (remember if your a little fluffier their more expensive.) Who the hell has the money to get them tailored. And that's a whole other problem in itself. I hate wearing them long because they drag on the ground and your continuously stepping on them. And I can't stand rolling them up and making a cuff. (Not my cup of tea.) A little to farmer for me! And why is it that finding a pair of jeans that fit you well is nearly impossible. Again, my crotch seems like I'm packing something! Urggg! And don't get me started on wide legged pants. And the thing I hate the most is thinking I found the right fit....getting home washing them, wearing them for a few hours, washing them a few more times and then realizing after a few hours they begin to start to fall of my the point of having to wear a belt and even at that you'll find me hiking them up every so often!!!
To my surprise, after going to Addition-Elle, I found a nice sales person willing to listen to my frustrations and voila, I may have found a good pair. And I bought them a size smaller so they wouldn't fall of me....Their is a blink of Hope!! :)

And my second pet peeve of the day is......boring and annoying commercials. You know what I'm talking about. Your trying to watch a really great show or movie and your bombarded by commercials that drive you crazy. I bet you can think of a few which you wish you would never see again, such as the one where the man thinks he's a cat (No meat, No Hubert-Wiskas Cat Food) or that stupi
d one where they sing and should I dare say it in case in pops in your head for the rest of the night..." hands in my pocket, hands in my pocket." Some nights I can't stand them at all, I simply mute them and Allen laughs at me!

Allen and I get a kick out of those funny commercials which recommend you try this new drug and then list all the possible side effects such as diarrhea, dizziness, vomiting and kidney & heart failure, itchy eyes, swelling of the mouth and so on...Like who in their right mind would take these so called new and great drugs to help with a certain problem if your going to half to endure a two page list of side effects. All those commercials have become totally ridiculous yet I entertaining in itself!

As you can tell....I don't take these vents too seriously. I like to laugh and make people laugh with me as you can tell. Sometimes we need to stop taking ourselves to seriously and have a good laugh at our own expense. As I have learned from my father laughter is needed in order to have a good life. Laughter is contagious and it also relieves stress don't you think??? Laughter is the best medicine!

Perhaps if we laughed more we wouldn't be so stressed out, me included!!

Have a gr
eat Night
Share a few laughs

Talk again soon!

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  1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting at my blog! Let me know if you ever try the Popchips! Oh and I love the part about your fiance painting your daughters toes! How adorable!