Friday, April 24, 2009's Friday

What a gorgeous day out there..The sun is shining, there is no wind in sight and I feel relaxed and the house is extremely quiet! I could hear a pin drop. Y you ask....Yesterday we went for a visit at my parents house. And Hope asked if she could have a sleepover at Pepe and Meme's and I thought it would be okay. They had recently gone on a month and a half long trip so she missed them to no avail. She's very close to them, the bond between them is very strong having lived with my parents for a while. My mom and Dad were just saying yesterday that nothing beats seeing those beautiful brown eyes, and her big smile or having those tiny arms wrapped around your neck in a great big hug. I honestly feel as though grandparents make a huge difference in the lives of our children. I was extremely close to my father's grandmother and I believe this has taught me to enjoy working with the aging population.

Before Allen came to pick me up to go back home I put her to bed and she kept coming out of her room and kept saying how she was going to miss me. My heart was full of musch!
I had to reassure her a few times that Mama would miss her too but that she would have fun with them and she is the one that asked to stay over. After a few kisses and more hugs she fastedly fell asleep. On the way home, we felt awkward not having her with us.
This morning I thought I could sleep you think I could? Nope.
I was missing my daughter! lol
So that is why I am kind of out- of- sorts t
But I 'm taking advantage of it and cleaning...puttering around and out of the house.
It's kind of funny when you become parents, that the last
thing on your mind is going out with your husband on a date night. It always seems to be pushed for another weekend. Tonite we should be taking this opportunity to go out but yet we opted to do groceries. You know your parents when....
I must say, that my fiance and I have fun doing just about anything and everything together! Perhaps this is the reason we mesh well together! I know that I have 100% of his heart and thoughts as I do for him. I also think that playfulness in your relationship is a must. For example when we travel...something we do well together...we love laughing and making fun of the towns names as we pass by them....we enjoy laughing during intimate moments. Spending quality alone time with your partner is a must! That is why we try to make time for date night! And what is still great is that I still get that pitter-patter feeling when were together.
After having kids we tend to inhabit the same routines and life simply intervenes which is why we need to take time to enjoy each others company alone as we did in the beginning.

Something we like doing often enough is watching comedies such as:


Here's a few I recommend. Just simple hearted movies. And for the ladies out there, Dane Cook is in the two movies...yes I find his extremely adorable.

Take the time to laugh today!
Have a wonderful weekend....
Enjoy the sunshine.
Take some time to smell the blossoming flowers!

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