Thursday, May 5, 2011

Where do we draw the line....rude parents...

Hi all....Glad you stopped by.....I have something I'd like to share with other parents....

Let me know yr opinions.... Last night, at my daughters school...we all gathered in a classroom for poetry reading...First up was the senior Kindergarden class. As we were all getting settled into our son(15 months old, only walking now for about two weeks) was simply walking around us, not screaming, not fusing, simply enjoying the fact that he was up and walking....this is a school which welcomes all kids, even toddlers to come and go....My son walked towards a little girl in her stroller, she must have been around my little guys age. She had a little doll and my son tried to reach for it and the mother said no, my son kept going to the little girl and wanting to interact, mother couldn't be bothered, he tried taking her doll again and she placed her hand in front of his face and said in a not so nice voice, NO!    I was so taken back! Come on...Honestly! We were at a school function....around many kids going here and there...There was no need for such ATTITUDE! 
Any good parent, in my mind, would of gotten to her daughters level and actually tried to get the two kids to talk or even ask my son what his name was and be friendly seeing as myself, my fiance, and my parents where all there, sitting right beside her. My son was in no way pulling on the doll or even being pushy....
I was so annoyed and still am. What gave her the right to speak so coldly as she did to my son!
Have we become such a cold society that we deem in necessary to act this way towards others young or old. 
Just when you think you've seen/heard it all!!!!!

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