Saturday, April 9, 2011

Lifes Changes...

Hi again...Hope all is well with you....

I don't think people whom are not adopted get how it can play a major role in someones life. It can affect us in our everyday lives. I have absolutely without a doubt in my mind have had a great upbringing. Life with my parents and brother has been great. I couldn't of picked better parents myself if I had the chance. But being an adopted person I always felt as though a piece of me was missing. Thankfully I never had to question whether or not I fit in with family. My parents are an open book. My mom and I throughout my life have spoken about my adoption, not in any lenghty conversations because I wanted nothing to do with my b-parents but I think I was also scared that if I questioned things too much it would mean I was unhappy with them. I guess the reason I writing this blog is to help me get things of my chest but also to perhaps help someone in their discovery of their b-parents.

I can recall getting in an argument with a cousin and him stating that I wasn't his true cousin which at the time really hurt my feelings but now looking back we were only kids. They say that after a while, you start resembling the people you live this day people mix up my mom's voice on the phone with mine. We are so much alike. I always believed that I would try to find my birth parents after my parents passed on, but something compelled me to search a few weeks ago. Never did I think after a few shorts hours on internet and two phone calls later that I would hear her voice, THE voice, a soft voice which seemed to be in a state of shock as I was. I honestly thought there is no way I was going to find her seeing as my adoption papers had just arrived that day. That day has changed my life for the better. I feel as though pieces to my heart can re-attach themselves and be whole again. If that makes sense!! :)

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