Monday, March 22, 2010

Oh MY Gosh....

Calling all mothers......

Good Evening to all...The reason I said mothers a
nd not fathers is that... It is us...the mothers whom buy their kids clothes for the most part...and choose what outfits they will wear everyday...and it is us that fall in love with MOST pieces and have a hard time parting with them....I am now a mother of two: a girl and a boy...I was soooo wishing that my second child would be a that she could wear all the cute, adorable, sweet and girly clothes my daughter had. But I had a handsome little boy whom I wouldn't trade for the clothes to indulge in.
Tonite I had the bright idea of sorting through the clothes....I thought it was time to give some to my friend, some to people whom perhaps need help and sell some...I started off well...I had one bag for my friend, a bag for whomever, one to sell AND of coarse a bag for me. YES, I said me. That is for my daughter when she grows up. I was doing well...The clothes were dispersing well. Until I started getting emotional and started hording all the clothes in the ME bag!! And then I started to remember her in this dress and those jeans, and that shirt and that pajama....And I suddenly felt old and felt like I was loosing my little girl...She is only 4 now but where did those times go...Perhaps this was not the best night....and so soon after giving birth to my second...Hormones do have a way of making things in your head go a little wacky at times! haha

Why is it so hard for us to let go of certain things. Just the other day, I was cleaning out a kitchen shelf and found a few sippy cups Hope drank from and thought...she doesn't drink from them anymore...she's too old...I'll just get rid of them....well...sadly enough...they are still on my kitchen counter!!! AHHHHHH
Why do I feel as though I need to keep everything in order to remember? Everything I need to remember is in my heart... YES, corny answer but it is true. It's not a bunch of clothes that will make me remember the found memories we had together...Such as playing at the park, in the pool, going to the movies together, laughing while making funny crafts...Your memories are a part of you, they go with you everywhere.

And if that answer doesn't help....let us not forget the hundreds of pictures we have of our children...These days it seems like every event/moment is captured on camera...Thank God for digital cameras you can take hundreds of pictures, delete them, crop them and take the best ones and place them in a book.

Life is funny...We tend to place to much value on things/material things. In the next few months I will try to get rid of more clothes...let them go to good use....Why keep them just to collect dust mites and/or go out of style while someone can be benefiting from them!! My mom kept some clothes from my childhood and I haven't done anything with them. They are really not in style...I did put a few on Hope and take pictures but that is really about it. So honestly, keeping them didn't really benefit me, I had a chuckle about the clothes I wore...that's about it!!! Back in the bin they went..With some of my babies toys which again...we really have no use for.

The one thing I am doing....Is keeping some clothes to make a quilt. I think it would be kewl to make a blanket with some of her clothes. Yet another way of keeping me closer to that special place in time....if it's gonna make me happy, who cares!!! On cold days, I will wrap myself in the blanket and keep warm in the clothes I put my little one in.

I am feeling happy that I can give some clothes away to perhaps people who need the help. It's always nice to give something back! If you have the extra clothes, look around you, someone close by may need some extra clothes. We all know how little some clothes gets warn at the beginning. And every little bit helps.

Buhbye for now...
Have a great day!

P.S If you see your child growing out of certain outfits...take lots of pictures of him/ her in them.

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