Saturday, May 2, 2009

Monday Funnies.....

Good morning my darlings....

I hope all is well on this fine Monday. I am so excited the weather is beautiful. The sun is simply gorgeous! This weekend was fabulous. I had some time to crochet and I went out on a date with my fiance. We dropped off Hope to my parents house for the day and we went shopping for a bit, had a late lunch and a few drinks, laughed and gazed into each others eyes (lol) and went to see a movie ( a romantic comedy- I love you man) not the greatest of movies but funny enough to warrant a few good laughs. We also shared a few kisses inthe movie theatre, I felt like a teenager again! Even though finding time is sometimes challenging, parents need to find time to spend alone with each other. When couples become parents they should remember to take time to continue to snuggle with their partner, have weekend getaways, enjoy coffee in the morning together before kids wake up. Creating uninterrupted time together is a must to have a strong partnership, I believe. Allen and I had a wonderful day and night (lol) together.

Back to Crochet....To all my fellow crochet lovers, please don't laugh to much! So, I found a blanket I want to make Hope. It took me a while but I found the one I want to make.

I'm changing the colors a bit, instead of violet, I'll use purple and eggplant... Anyways, to make a long story short, I bought two rolls of Purple, 2 Eggplant, 1 Yellow and one Green. I THOUGHT I was on top of the game. Then I started to think...not quite sure why this popped in my head but I wondered if with the new season, would the yarn all change. So, next visit to Micheal's I asked if that was true and she said yes....AHHHHHH I recently have been working one my first blanket ever and realized I really didn't have enough yarn to even make half of a blanket. Being somewhat naive I thought, I should enough yarn to make my 1st blanket ever. NOT!!! For that project I only bought a roll each of four colors. (see last post) Are you laughing yet! For Hope's blanket I did the same. But after hearing of the (yarn season change thing), I bought two rolls instead for each color. WRONG AGAIN.... This weekend I started to make the yellow flowers.

I've made about 12 flowers and only need about 99 more left to go...I decided to read the instruction slowly and carefully. Upon reading further, I had a good laugh at my own expense. I realized that my project said I needed 1,100 yrds and the skeins I bought are of 250 yards each. Therefore I need to buy at least 5 more balls. And the primary color I need about 7 more balls. AHHHH
A good rule is to always buy more than you think you need because you can bring it back if you don't need it (another tid-bit the lady at Micheal's informed me about! But the most important rule in crochet I have learnt is......drum role please... READ THE INSTRUCTION COMPLETELY!!!!
On top of which I need to go back to Micheal's soon before all that yarn is gone.
I hope your not laughing to hard at me.

I am also working on a star scarf for Hope. I will need perhaps about 20-25 of the stars, then I will attach them together and she'll have a pretty fashionable scarf. Very easy to make. I have found a few patterns to make scarfs for almost every holiday. You can make a scarf full of hearts, Christmas trees, snowman, pumpkins and so on. Very cute idea.
This pattern is from:
afterwards I will attach the stars from this pattern from :

I have figured out that if one pattern cause you trouble find another pattern and simply mix and match patterns together. (hope that made sense) lol

I have also completed these cute finger towels..Didn't take me long to make them either. Great gift idea. I made them watching a movie with Hope. Nothing to complicated. Brings a little color to the kitchen.

I also finished my very first Beanie, and it's mine. All mine. It fits like a glove. It wasn't as challenging as I thought.
Will certainly make more of these!

Well I hope you enjoyed your weekend!
You know what I will be making for the next little while.. more flowers!!!

And back to Micheal's.
Another thing I find funny, is that now that I'm interested in Crochet I find I hear more people talking about it. I was in Old Navy yesterday and one of the items of the week is a crochet tank top.
Who would funk it!!

Have a great week ya'll...

P.S Sorry for the spelling mistakes...I tend to write too quickly and not re-read what I write which at times......... Oh heck! I tend to ramble...There I admit it...

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  1. First of all, thanks so much for the nice comment about my blog!
    I came over to visit yours and my eyes went straight to this post on crocheting flowers for your blanket. I had a great laugh when you mention that you didn't buy enough yarn.

    It reminded me of when I made my 2 sons South Park afghans. Because I was making up the charts myself, I had no idea how much yarn I needed so every time I saw the yarn on sale at Michaels, I would go and buy a couple more balls.

    I can't tell you how many balls I ended up buying. I finished the afghans last Christmas and I'm still making projects with the extra balls. I was asked by a girl who wanted to make something similar how much yarn did I use....I had no idea and it was quite embarrassing to have to admit it...a lot of help I was!
    Anyways, thanks again, and I look forward to reading your blog more!