Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Who said life wasn't funny....

Good afternoon all....

What gets under my skin you ask lately? Weekdays, need I say more! lol
There never seems to be enough hours in a day.

One of my pet peeves is Women's Bathrooms. Can you say gross! Come on now, we're supposed to be cleaner than men yet our public bathrooms say otherwise. As I sit on the throne or should I say almost sitting, while holding my balance because I don't want my tooch touching the dirty toilet.
  • I am amazed at the amount of people whom write stuff on the walls. You know what I'm talking about: I love so and so, this one is a B**ch and the annoying poems and blah, blah, blah. Then there are the 'I shall blow my nose on the walls kind of people. Yet there's toilet paper right beside them. Any closer and it would bite them in the a**.
  • Nothing is worse than having to use the facilities when your traveling, you walk in and their filthy. On top of which there's paper toilet all over the floors, plenty of water around the sink and you have your daughter with you whom your trying to teach NOT too TOUCH ANYTHING in the public washrooms! lol
  • Another annoying tid-bit about washrooms is the enormous gap between the doors. I mean, can I not have privacy going to the washroom, no I'm having to sit (or crouch) and have some lady staring at me through the huge gap while I pee. Or there's the 'I'm glad I have a girlfriend with me' so she can guard the door while I do my business and wish I was at home to pee or that my bladder could hold more liquids. And I don't need to mention the lack of toilet paper..Urgg

  • Another thing which just makes me laugh is people whom get the wrong number more than once in a span of a few minutes and keep calling you. We all have made the error of calling an incorrect number. It's happens. But it's the people who keep calling, pondering why their number is wrong. When their sure that, that person lived there at some point and time. .

Do they not realize that if they call back in five minutes, it will still be me answering.
    • Then there's the, can I tell you the number I called and we'll see if I simply dialed it wrong scenario.
    • Or, the, I know I called the right number, Hmmm, than another pause, you can almost hear the confusion in their voice.
    • Then there's the 'I'm gonna talk to you for a while caller,' like I have nothing better else to do than talk to a total stranger.

Well...I hope I made you laugh even for just a little while....
Well it's a sunny day, enjoy the warmth on your face, and if you Must use a bathroom I hope it's at your house! lol
Talk soon my friends...
And remember....

Talk soon...

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