Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Time...

First and foremost....I'd like to wish everyone a Happy colourful Easter decorated with much love, happiness and joy. Wishing everyone a blessed Easter.

Easter has gotten so commercial, let me re-phrase that, it's been so for many years. Stores are filled with plastic eggs, bunnies, chocolates, baskets filled with both and let's not forget toys. Easter is much more than candies and bunnies. Easter day is a day of rejoicing. It is the day that Jesus Apostle's found out he was alive again. They had gone to the cave where he was buried and found the rock that had blocked the cave pushed to the side. He was alive. This year seems different for me. Why, you ask. Because I have a 3 1'2 yr old whom understands a bit more than last year. I feel the need to teach her that although Easter is great because we get to wake up to the Easter Bunny's chocolates, we also need to keep in mind that Jesus or as she calls him baby Jesus- (at Christmas she saw Baby Jesus under the tree in a manger so now she calls him 'baby Jesus') is alive again. At her age I feel as though we don't need to go in specific details but let our kids know that this celebration is not simply that of gifts and chocolates but a day to be thankful and be close to family and friends.

For the past week I've been making eggs with Hope. (As you may or may not have noticed I collect everything with my daughter's name on it-this one was a gift from my god-mother for her birthday)
She enjoyed making them. It's so much fun making crafts with your kids. You get to see all their creativity flow. You also, and be honest moms, need to bite your tongue at times when you see their painting or drawing and you think you can tweak it a little. We were painting styrofoam eggs and making Easter pots for the family and I happened to have black paint. She wanted to use the color black so I simply mentioned that Easter colors where more about pastels colors, and well.....I had to set my opinion aside and give her the black. It was her project so I had to let her make her own mind up...and they turned out beautifully. We made smaller versions of my Easter table center piece which my best friend made me. But I substituted the dollar store eggs with Hope's painted eggs and smaller pots (for a plant) from the $ store. (my batteries for my camera are I'll post them later)
Yesterday my parents came over for Good Friday. Hope was excited to visit with them. She loves them so much and they spoil her rotten. We went for a drive in the country and landed at Tim Horton's for a coffee (Canadians do love their Tim Horton's) You can practically find one in every corner of Canada.
My fiance has gotten me hooked on coffee in the mornings. I had never really been much of a coffee drinker whereas he had been drinking coffee for ages! I won't drink it all day. I'm one of those people that I have a few sips and put it down somewhere around the house then drink a few more sips, then refill it, and again leave it somewhere on a coffee table. So I hardly see the end of the cup and in the end I end up pouring it out... Sounds ridiculous now that I say it out loud! lol We had a great day with my parents. Hope had her Pepe (short for pepere-French) swing her on the swings, buy her Timbits and read her books. Since it was Good Friday we ate Fish and fries. And ended the nite by tucking Hope to bed and watching 'Don't mess with the Zohan, an Adam Sandler movie...A must see.. So stupid that it will make you cry laughing.

Back to , I must
admit I can't wait to see her face when she sees the Easter egg hunt all around the house. Then were off to church in our Sunday's clothing. Hope will be wearing her pretty Easter dress bought by her Nanny. Still not sure what I am wearing...I will know at the last minute... This happens every time we go out...But that's a whole other post.. lol Then were off to the in-laws for supper.

Have yourself a Great Easter...
laugh whole-heartedly,
rejoice, enjoy,
be in the moment.
See you soon!


  1. lovely looking blog, and lots of good post.

  2. Its always very special when families outshine any given holiday, and see the real beauty in each other, through what they can do. Transforming ideas into creative sparks, is such a joy, especially when you see the expression so close to home. Happy Holidays to you too. Happy to have found your site. (Via linkreferral)

  3. I am glad you stopped by my blog so I could find you. I love your stories, that is the way I see them. God Bless