Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter has come and Gone...

Happy Tuesday to all,

I hope everyone had a great and safe weekend. Easter was really exciti
ng this year. My daughter awoke bright and squirly (7:ooam) and wanted to start her Easter Egg Hunt. I woke up to her saying: "WOW! Mama, there's Easter eggs everywhere. She immediately ran in our room and asked if she could start to gathering them up. We asked politely if we could make some coffee first. (we bad! lol)
Then she grabbed her Diego pouch and found all of her eggs. It's priceless watching them get so excited for such little things. Perhaps we as adults could take pointers from them. I think many of us forget to enjoy the simplest of things life has to offer. We should take the time to smile when we see flowers beginning to bloom, take a moment and reflect the beauty of nature. We should be in amazement when our child learns a new word or finally sings a few songs by her/him self. She gets so excited when I tell her Mama and Daddy bought her Popsicles. We as society, are too busy multi-tasking and not taking the time to enjoy what is surrounding us.
For example, at this present time look around you, do you smell anything good? Do you see anything beautiful? We need to embrace and start capturing simple everyday moments and sprinkle them throughout our day.
  • When is the last time you actually sat with your first coffee of the morning and enjoyed the aroma?
  • When did you last smile at the birds flying over your head?
  • What about watching the sun go down?
  • Remember flying a kite when you were younger and running in the fields with your parents?
  • Your first walk on the grass barefoot in the summer?
I would like to take the time to thank you for reading my blog, it brings a smile on my face to see you have came for a visit.

Back to Easter.....These are the beautiful little bouquets of Easter Eggs Hope gave to her family. Everyone was quite impressed. She loved every minute of painting them. She has a great passion for painting. She's a fun-loving, warm-hearted child.
We finished the Easter Hunt, had breakfast and went to church. She wore her beautiful pink dress and looked like my very own little princess. She was great in church. My fiance was subjected to going to French Church, so he was like a deer caught in head lights. The priest came to our pew and wished us a Happy Easter as asked Allen what his last name was (in French) I'm sorry to laugh but he looked so lost and confused. He started to explain to the priest that we had only been living in our home for a short time and....I had to nudge him and just tell him to tell the priest his last name. The priest proceeded to tell him his last name meant 'peace'... I had to laugh again... My daughter came with me to receive communion and she proceeded to stretch her arm out to receive communion but was SHOT down...How do you tell a three year old why she couldn't have one...(lol) After church we had pancakes and where off to the in-laws...
Where she got spoiled by everyone. I honestly believe in teaching my daughter that she should appreciate every gift she receives big or small. I am hoping, as she grows older, she won't approach every holiday thinking it's all about the gifts but about and what is most important is her FAMILY being around her and loving her. I also believe in teaching her that it's just as much fun giving to others.

What I was most proud of is when I asked her what Easter was all about and she replied: it's a celebration, we get Easter eggs from the bunny and Jesus is alive again! Remember this is coming from a 3 1/2 yr old...I'm a proud mama....

Again...I hope you enjoyed your weekend...
Easter has come and gone again....
Let us now enjoy the fresh air, flowers in bloom,
roasting marshmallows, kites flying and let us not forget corn on the cob...

Take Care

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  1. I must give a shout out to my cousin Amanda for the beautiful photo of the purple flowers in bloom! She's a great photographer. Perhaps more to come.